Hi all! Thanks for waiting patiently while I finished up this project. I mentioned in my last post that I had tackled two projects over the Labor Day weekend…and I did, but I¬† only totally finished one of them (which was the headboard refinishing).

The other project I started was building some really awesome mini ranch house shelves for my mini chair collection. The whole time I was sanding the Broyhill Brasilia headboard, all I could think about was building these cool little shelves, so as soon as I was done with the headboard I ran out to get some wood and started building.

The trouble was that I didn’t finish by the end of the long weekend. I wanted so desperately to show you all my final product, all done and hanging on the wall with mini-chars and everything but I had only built, stained and finished one of the three ranch house shelves that I wanted to make. I decided to work on building the other two shelves after work this week…which means my kitchen remained a wood shop from Tuesday until last night.

And then late last night I decided on the arrangement and placement of the shelves and took the time to hang them, but the polyurethane wasn’t totally dry! I didn’t dare put the mini chairs on the shelves until everything was dry, so I played the waiting game.

This afternoon, after a week full of designing, building, staining and top coating, the shelves were ready for the chairs…

Ohhh look, I can see them!

Let me tell you, the sight of my mini chair collection on these shelves that I dreamed up and then built myself is pure joy!

I am so excited about them!

Now my mini chairs have a home! (Well, three to be exact)

The grouping of three shelves fits perfectly in the space over the TV.

But I would need to make about 30 more of these to fill the entire orange wall…

Maybe this winter I will have time to make a painting or something to fill the rest of the space. What do you think Leo?

Okay, okay we can go for a walk now Leo!

While I take him out for a spin, I will leave you with one last look at the lovely little ranch house shelves

…I’m so excited about them!

What do you think?