midcentury-gallery-wallWhile work continues on reupholstering the second vintage sofa, I thought it might be fun to let you peek into my living room to see my retro mishmash gallery wall.

retro-gallery-wallIt is a long wall — hard to photograph all at once!

gallery-wallUsually when someone puts together a gallery wall, the preferred method to use is as follows: collecting a wide array of decor — framed art, wall hangings, shelves and such — laying out the collection to carefully compose an arrangement and finally hanging it on the wall. While making my mishmash retro gallery wall, I reversed the process — starting with a blank wall, gradually collecting pieces to fill it, and hanging them as I went.

ranch-house-shelvesIt all started with the mini ranch house shelves that I made a few years ago to display my mini chair collection (and zombies). Next came a starburst clock and my awesome Shag print. From that point on, whenever I ran across something I liked, I tried to think if it would work for one of the ‘blank’ spots on the wall. As time went by, the wall filled up nicely.

Michelle-Bickford-PaintingSome of my favorite pieces on the wall are pieces of original art. When I was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last June for The Hukilau tiki festival, I found this awesome piece by local artist Michelle Bickford.

painting-michelle-bickford michelle-bickford-artI just love how she adds small wooden cars to the scene — and I am amazed at her ability to cut out such small pieces! For reference, each car is about an inch and a half or so long. 

el-gato-gomez-paintingI also managed to score a tiki themed midcentury house painting by artist El Gato Gomez for the wall — perfect!

teak-shelves-midcenturyNot long ago, I found this midcentury boomerang shaped shelf at my local antique mall. I’m still trying to get the right arrangement of items on the shelf, but even the empty shelf looks nice up on the wall.

retro-wall-art starburst-clockI’ve been collecting clocks over the last year or so too. Some of them work (but I don’t wind them every 8 days) and some of them don’t, so I just make sure I know which one has the correct, working time and set the other clocks all to different times to make my guests think they are going crazy. (Just kidding!)

retro-diamond-clockI love that this wall is a combination of things I made, found midcentury items, original artwork, toys and prints — even if it is a retro mishmash.




  1. I’m running out of wall space! I just hung a huge Charley Harper print over the weekend and it looks really nice. We love it so much that we ordered another print and I have no idea where it’s going to go, ha ha. I love your gallery wall of goodness!!

  2. I love your boomerang shaped shelf. At first I thought you had two “sconce” type shelves and hung one of them upside down-clever. Gallery walls are fun and a great representation of who you are and what you like.

  3. Very cool! I am working on a wall with mid-century photos of family. It also has my mother-in-law’s mid-century china and some family ladies mid century pill-box hats. Very fun projects! I need to check out Michelle Bickford’s art online. I love your art from her.

  4. Looks great! I also have a wall clock similar to the the top left one that doesn’t work. You should send some pics to the Atomic Ranch Magazine, I’m sure they would be interested in doing a story on your place and all the DIY projects.

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