kateleofallThey say the older you get, the faster time flies — and I’m pretty sure they are right. In fact, I meant to share this photo several weeks ago, you know, when there were still colorful leaves on the trees outside? Where did the summer go? Where did the fall go? Where did this year go?

I’ve been a little lax about posting on this blog regularly, and as I’ve mentioned before blogging full time on Retro Renovation for my job makes posting on this blog feel a little more like work than it used to when I was a full time graphic designer. Now, on evenings and weekends, you’ll find me working on the house or other projects, and doing graphic design on the side. Oh how the tables have turned!

I still do miss sharing what’s going on around here with everyone, so now that the cooler weather and sun setting at 5pm has forced me back inside for the foreseeable future, I’ll see what I can do to post on here more than once every 6 weeks.

Besides sharing about the fence debacle, my garden path, painting the iron porch post and the 4th annual Christmas in July festivities, here’s four more things that I accomplished around the ranch this summer:

1. Cleaned up, painted and enjoyed my vintage Homecrest patio set

Homecrest-Casino-ChairRemember those vintage Homecrest patio chairs and folding table I scored back in February?

homecrest-casino-chairs painted-vintage-patio-furnitureI spent the better part of a Saturday in June wire brushing, cleaning and spray painting the set within an inch of its life. The chairs look brand new and the table cleaned up pretty well too.

homecrest-patio-chairsThe round table fits much better on our screened tiki lounge porch than our square table did, and we enjoyed eating many a summer meal and just relaxing on this comfortable patio set all summer long!

2. Found and purchased a vintage Homecrest siesta lounger

homecrest-lounge-chair-vintage-adIn fact, I became a little obsessed with finding a vintage Homecrest lounge chair to match this set. Luckily, just as the weather was beginning to turn, I found one locally on Craigslist…

homecrest-lounge-chair-vintage… and snagged it for myself! This guy also needs a good cleaning and new coat of paint too, just like the patio set, so be prepared for pictures of me spray painting it next spring.

homecrest-lounge-chairIt’s comfy without a cushion, but it would be really comfy with one. I think replacement cushions for this model can still be ordered through Homecrest — so investigating that option is on my list of winter to-dos.

3. Found, painted and used these wall-mounted bullet planters

wall-planters-mid-centuryI also scored these wall hanging bullet style planters on Ebay back in May and now that they have a fresh coat of colorful paint, I absolutely love them.

planters-beforeHere’s what they looked like when I bought them. I know, I know — a few people will wonder why the heck I painted over these butterflies…

splat-bugTruthfully, I did it because every time I looked closely at the butterflies, all I could think of was the word SPLAT! Plus, I like my planters to be bold and colorful. The aged, off-white planters with brown, terrified looking butterflies just wasn’t doing it for me.

vintage-plantersAfter a quick coat of spray paint, they were looking much more cheerful and ready to hang on the front of the house.

midcentury-wall-planters midcentury-plantersI planted some lime green sweet potato vines in them, and by the end of the summer, with just occasional watering they were still doing really well. I like how the vines draped down the side of the house and add even more color to the front entry.


4. Painted the Bilco doorbilco-door-beofre One other less exciting but a necessary task I accomplished was painting the Bilco door.

bilco-door-needs-paintMy original Bilco basement door had been covered with dirt for years…that was up until I cleaned up this area and added the rocks. With years of ground-to-metal contact, the paint job on the door was losing the battle to rust.

bilco-doorI removed the chipping paint, cleaned up the door and applied a coat of Rustoleum Rust Reformer, then primed the door with an oil based primer (recommended for this sort of application) and top coated it with some leftover trim paint I found in the basement.

vintage-bilco-doorOf course I realized that I didn’t take any after photos once the job was complete. Drat. So I ran outside to take some before the sun set but the doors were splattered with wet leaves from cleaning the gutters. Ugg. So a quick wipe down was in order before the doors were ready for their close up.

bilco-door-repaintedYes, the water was still drying when I took these pictures, but I was losing light fast, oh well. As you can see, it is a much needed improvement over how the door looked before. Hopefully I won’t have to repaint the Bilco door again for at least 5+ years. It was actually quite the job and took a full two days to complete — I had to do the inside of the door too!

So there’s a good start to catch you up on what’s been happening over here all summer. Of course, there’s more to talk about — stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?

  1. Hello! Just came across your blog. Terrific! Love—and applaud you—that you’ve kept the original kitchen… soooo tired of acres of granite and new stainless steel. Where did you find those various sizes of radius stepping stones? On a search here in CA for our 1960 home. Any leads would be great. Thanks!

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