midcentury-front-porchGiving the decorative iron porch support on my front porch a spruce up has been on my list of Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions for a few years now. It is one of those jobs that really doesn’t take a whole lot of time to complete, and somehow it never ends up being a priority during months when it is warm enough to spray paint. This week, we had a cold snap. The high temperature on Tuesday was 78. The high temperature on Wednesday was 48 — thus the reason my houseplants are no longer soaking up the summer sun on my front porch. With this sudden reminder that fall was on its way, I realized I had let yet another entire summer go by without even thinking about painting the ironwork — again. So, I dashed out to get supplies and got to work.

porch-column-midcenturyThe iron porch support had been painted black, but the black paint had weathered and peeled away over the years, showing little bits of light tan that may have been the post’s original color. Instead of painting the porch post black again, I decided that painting it the same color that I painted the storm door might help it stand out a little more as a decorative element, and help it look like a part of the house — perhaps as originally intended — instead of an afterthought. I think my plan worked, don’t you?


Above: Before painting.


Above: After painting.

decorative-midcentury-porch-columnBefore painting it a lighter color, it was hard to see the porch post at all from the street. Now, it is much easier to make out the design. Painting the porch support a lighter color also draws more attention to the front entry and makes the jog in the roofline make more ‘sense.’

painted-iron-porch-postThere’s three and a half more months left in 2014 and I’ve now accomplished four out of seven of my Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions for the year. We’ll see how many more can be accomplished — or at least started, but one thing is for sure. I won’t be adding “paint the iron porch support” to my list of 2015 resolutions.



  1. Little effort = big wow!

    This might be an odd request but here goes anyway. I’ve never seen gutters like yours before. Could you possibly post a few pics of them and describe how they work, how they’re attached to the house, etc.? They look rather interesting…for gutters, that is. If you need height, please use a ladder. You don’t need to pull a Pam!

    • Thanks Nate!

      You aren’t the first person to ask me about my unusual gutters…perhaps it is time to do a little feature on them. I’ll put it on the list! Have to go up there anyway this fall to clear out the leaves. I’ve been on the roof/on a ladder many times before without falling (knock on wood), so don’t worry too much. I usually have my husband on the ground watching me so that he can catch me if need be. hehehehe

  2. I’m amazed at how the color change actually made them visible …. I knew they were there, holding up that corner of your porch, but as shown in the pictures, weren’t really noticeable …. until now! I’m glad you finally get to cross that wee project with big impact off your to do list. 🙂

  3. Wait…You painted your storm door??? How?? What paint did you use?? How’s it holding up??? Since I can’t find mill finish anymore, maybe a coat of paint is the way to go.

  4. Looks great! Similar to posts holding up the front porch and carport of my childhood ’62 ranch home. Used to climb the things, which was a HUGE no-no! By the way, you need a retro welcome mat for your front entrance! Tiki-mod would be cool…

  5. I definitely agree that painting the post was the right move. It looks aesthetically correct when it is in a lighter color. Not sure if you have any old pictures for your house, but another thought: what if there originally was no post there? My house has a cantilevered front porch that intentionally has no support post. Looking at the front line of your house, I am curious if your house was designed in a similar fashion (albeit with a smaller overhang.) Mine is quite large and had to be reinforced with a steel I-beam in the 90’s as the original wood frame wasn’t cutting it.

      • Nothing is cooler than original construction pics. Those are awesome! I have a bunch of my house under construction from my Grandfather. Are you thinking of returning to a double front door eventually? 🙂

      • Thanks Doug!

        I would like to eventually replace the front door, as I feel the style is too contemporary for the house, however since it functions fairly well and is in good condition, it is not a priority for us right now. I would like to put a more appropriate front door on our house, but I’m not sure if I’d go back to the double doors or not. I was toying around with the ideal of doing a fixed pane of privacy glass (to let in light) in combination with one mcm style door, but I’d worry about the door being off center in the opening, so I might end up doing two smaller glass panes and a door in the middle. Not sure yet!

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