kate tiki drinkI’m not entirely sure what happened to the last month. It sped by at warp speed and I suddenly realized I hadn’t posted anything on here in what seems like eons. In the last month, I’ve had my focus set on so many different projects and experiences that it is no wonder I haven’t written anything this blog in a while.

When I last posted, I had just returned from a weekend away at a friend’s wedding. Since then, these are just a few of the things I’ve been up to:

  • My adorable husband Jim was away on a business trip and the evening he returned home, my best friend and her husband flew in for a long weekend visit at the Retro Ranch — loads of fun!
  • The following week I set off for my annual trip to visit my parents in Tennessee and was gone for 5 days
  • I attended a party at my neighbor’s house that lasted until after midnight
  • Met a good friend for dinner and catching up on life
  • Went to a memorial service for another longtime friend of mine, an artist and mentor who passed away at age 87
  • Put up our screen porch tiki lounge for the summer
  • Pulled countless weeds in our yard and gardens
  • Planted my raised bed vegetable garden for the year
  • Mulched everywhere
  • Put down lots of grass seed
  • Cleaned up and spray painted my new, old patio set
  • Went to The Hukilau
  • And much more!

You might imagine that I’m exhausted from all of this, but in fact, the opposite is true. Sure, there were points during this long string of activities that wiped me out big time — but our yard is really starting to come together, our veggies are growing and The Hukilau was so much fun (and a much needed vacation to the beach) that I’m feeling pretty good right now.

In the next two weeks, I have tons more to do to prepare for our 4th annual Christmas in July celebration and hosting my family for their week or so long stay — not to mention a few other projects I am trying to get done before then. I’ll try my best to give you all updates on the many projects I’ve been working on and neat new stuff I’ve found in the last month, but for today, let’s just check out a few pictures from my trip to The Hukilau in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Pam was nice enough to let me come with her and help with our Symposium: Create You’re Own Suburban Savage Paradise! Even though she did most of the talking. I got to meet a lot of awesome people, sample many fruity, rum-filled cocktails and spend lots of time ogling both the decor at the Mai Kai Restaurant and the beautiful beach in Fort Lauderdale. There will be plenty of stories over on Retro Renovation detailing everything, but I thought I’d share a few photos from Jim and my personal experience that wouldn’t be shown otherwise.

beach grassbeachft lauderdale beachkate in oceantiki mermaid katebeach rocks

kate oceanI hadn’t been to the ocean in about ten years, so I was like “a kid in a candy store” according to Jim. All I wanted to do every night and in all our spare time was go for walks on the beach. Being on the beach floods me with memories of my childhood trips to the beach with my Nana and Bob, who used to live about a mile from the Gulf in Mississippi. Every childhood visit to see them involved a whole lot of time spent building sand castles, splashing in the waves and walking on the beach. It felt good to be back.

jim beach jim the beach bum Jim mai kai sign kate and jim matching tikijim mai KaiKate Mai Kaijim mai kai jim mai kai gardens jim gardens Mai Kai jim tiki katetiki jim tiki friend kates tiki friend kate with drinkThe Mai Kai was amazing. I’ve never been to any place quite like it before. Jim and I sampled numerous drinks while we were there (over several days of course) including: The Mutiny, Jet Pilot, Zombie, Wahine Delight, Mai Kai Swizzle, Shark Bite, Shrunken Skull, 151 Swizzle, Special Planters Punch, Deep Sea Diver, Zula, Chocolate Snowflake and a sip from the Mystery Bowl — a large cocktail that arrives in a bowl, accompanied by a special dance that serves 4-6 people.

kate jim hukilauYou can check out the first post about Pam and my experiences at The Hukilau on RetroRenovation — and tomorrow am, check back on RetroRenovation for another post about the Mai Kai and it’s fabulous decor.

I promise I’ll be back here again soon! Aloha!



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