little-houseThis past weekend, Jim and I made the trip down to DeKalb, Illinois to attend the wedding of our close friends — which is why we are all dressed up in this picture. To my delight, just outside where the wedding reception was taking place, was the most adorable miniature house. Of course we had to get our photo taken in front of it!

KateJimWeddingThe house was used as a playhouse for the children of the wealthy family who originally owned the historic Ellwood House, which has now been turned into a museum.

katekathieweddingThat’s my mother-in-law and I trying to look cute in front of the cutest little house we’ve ever seen! After Jim took this photo, he retreated to the car to change out of the uncomfortable dress shoes that came with his rental tux (he was in the wedding) and my mother-in-law and I snuck around back.

katelittlehouseThere was a very nice man sanding and painting the exterior of the house and he told us we were welcome to go inside. I was thrilled to say the least.

kathielittlehouseThe house had a few small rooms, all of which were painted white. Though the doorways were a bit low for adults, the main areas of each room were tall enough for us to comfortably stand up. I know this playhouse is more of a Victorian style than midcentury, but what I wouldn’t give to have one of these in my back yard — I’m not too old to have a playhouse right? If given the opportunity, I would gladly spend a day hanging out in this adorable little building, wouldn’t you?



5 thoughts on “A CUTE LITTLE HOUSE

  1. Oh boy, I’ve always wanted a playhouse like this! I still do. One of my best friends growing-up had one and it was awesome. Her dad built it and even wired it for electricity. There was a TV area and a book loft where we spent many happy hours. I begged and begged my dad to build me one (he was NOT that handy but I didn’t get that at the time) and he finally bought me a large tent that he pitched in our backyard, haha. It wasn’t quite the same but I appreciated the effort and the kids in my neighborhood (who’d never seen my friend’s playhouse) thought it was pretty cool. Maybe it’s not too late to build one! 😉

  2. Love it! I love little houses, playhouses, doll houses, treehouse a, you name it. I have 3 dollhouses (also a kit to build). Previous owners built a cute playhouse in our backyard but inside is a cement floor (the walls are cinder block, and a real tiled roof), so it’s really only been the dog house..keeps them cool in the summer.
    I think I’ve seen MCM style playhouses..oh, wouldn’t that be cute to match your real house?
    I daydream about having a little studio/guest cottage..’course along with a larger ’40s era Calif ranch.

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