retro-ceramic-lampDuring my last trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, this ceramic lamp caught my eye. For a mere $5 it was all mine. The ceramic lamp base itself is in perfect shape, though I will need to rewire it and locate a shade.

retro-glazed-lampThe all-over square indents give this lamp a nice texture — as does the speckled glaze that was used. Kinda reminds me of a waffle cone. Yum.

mid-century-lamp mid-century-tiki-lampWhen I saw the lamp, I thought it would be perfect for when we finish our basement to create a tiki lounge — a project that is still years away. It is never too early to start the hunt for vintage goodies though, right? While I’m in no hurry to find one, I’m a little stuck on what shape the lampshade should be. The lamp would look great with a colorful shade, burlap shade or even an off white plain shade, but the shape? I’m just not sure. I tried looking for a similar lamp on Ebay, but had no luck. I’d love to hear your shade suggestions!



  1. Nice find on the lamp. From the photos it doesn’t look like the shade can be very tall. I think a straight drum shade would look good, or a slightly tapered one.

  2. Nice find, would love to see a post on how you re-wire the lamp. I’ve bought several vintage lamps, but I’m still using the old wiring.

  3. Looks like a cylindrical waffle–with syrup. Definitely a lamp base style in need of the right shade. Maybe you could run a lamp shade idea story section!

  4. Hi Kate! Hope to see you when you visit your mom in Tennessee. Go to to find the perfect shade for your lamp. They are all hand made in Hawaii and they will ship the shade to you!! You can see 3 examples of them at my house if you want to!!! If you want some crazy cool music for your Tiki Lounge, check out Don Tiki on you tube. You can find their CD’s on line as well.

    • Well,Kate’s Aunt Vickie, this won’t help Kate any, but I was thinking of recovering my bedroom lampshades, but I had never thought of tropical patterned fabric, but now I will have to consider that. Love the shades from “Hula Lamps”.

    • Those shades and lamps are too cool! I was just watching an old movie the other day, set in the ’40s WWII South Pacific & they had one of those dancing hula lamps at the bar. I didn’t know they still made them.

  5. I’m more of a minimalist. I vote perfectly cylindrical drum shade (not tapered) that’s not too tall (about 60% the height of the base). I’d cover it w grasscloth or maybe colored burlap (avocado green? burnt orange? turquoise?). As you said, you have plenty of time to search for the perfect (cheap 🙂 shade.

  6. I would say a drum shade the same height as the lamp base. I’ve got new shades for many of my vintage lamps from Fenchel Shades online:
    They are fast and half the price of ready made. Take a look, custom is affordable with them.

  7. If you’re really ambitious you can make your own shades. I’ve had this how-to book by this lampshade lady (who also has shades for sale on etsy):
    But, I’ve had the book for a few years and still haven’t made one…I have just re-covered old shades with fabric but not making one from scratch…you need to buy styrene (the non-flammable lining), which is mostly why I haven’t done it yet.

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