josh-agle-shag-artLately, I’ve been going in about ten different directions with projects around the house, and none of them are quite ready to share. I’ve managed to finish removing the grout in the green bathroom shower, but I have not had time to regrout and recaulk it yet. It’s on the list! I’m making progress on a few other projects that had seemingly stalled out, so more on that later too. Meanwhile, lets take a look at this awesome Shag print, entitled “Elephant” that I bought myself for Christmas as a “congrats for finally finishing the pink bathroom project” gift.

shag-printWith my Shag print collection growing, I made the decision to limit myself to one Shag print per zone in the house — you know, so they don’t compete with each other — and so I know when to stop buying them. This one fit really well in the space at the end of the hallway, which is great because since I work from home and my office is also at the end of the hall, which means I see it every time I return from a kitchen coffee/water break.

Shag-artI just had to have this print for a few reasons. It is predominately pink and you know how I love pink. It has my favorite tiki themed decor accessory in it — the puffer fish light — which is even cooler now that I’m getting all excited to go to Hukilau in June! Lastly, it depicts a pink elephant wearing a suit and having cocktails. What’s not to love?

shag-print-josh-agleHanging up some new art reminds me how much I want to paint the hallway and actual color. It is currently some sort of greige. Yuck. Alas, there are far more pressing projects going on — like that whole shower without grout thing — so it will probably be quite a while before the hall sees any more decorating action. At least it will have a hip, pink elephant to keep it company until then, right?



  1. Ok, the blue in the print would make a good hall paint color. I collect elephants, but I don’t have any pink ones.

    • That’s a great suggestion Linda h, except blue is my LEAST favorite color. I usually only decorate with small bits of it here or there. I’ll probably end up going with a lighter color of some sort, since the hall doesn’t get much light…

  2. Ooh what a great print! I love it. I hear you on painting. We made a rule that we can’t hang up art in any room that hasn’t been painted, yet we’ve only painted one room and the main hall. It’s driving me crazy. We have to squeeze in painting time. Not only to not look at the previous owner’s semi-gloss wonderland of colors that all mysteriously have a gray undertone so they look dismal, but I want our art back. 😉

    • Tasha, you’ve been so busy sewing and knitting, I don’t know when you have time to paint! My goodness!

      I say, just hang up the art anyway. When you get to painting, it is easy enough to take it down for a day or two and then rehang it once the wall is dry. Art is for looking at, hang it up! 🙂

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