vintage-sparkle-laminateHappy St. Patrick’s day all! I’m still hard at work removing grout from my mint green hall bath shower — but this weekend I took a break to swing by my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and try my luck at finding something cool. Turns out, the luck of the Irish was with me.

vintage-GE-textolite-sparkle-laminateWhat did I find? A vintage laminate countertop in GE Textolite Fern Sparkle Camelot!

mid-century-kohler-hudee-rim-sinkThough this particular laminate countertop would go well in my minty green hall bathroom, the laminate itself is cracked and stained in several spots, making it too damaged for me to use in the bathroom. However, the white Kohler hudee-rimmed vintage sink is in excellent condition and will be perfect for the hall bathroom.

Vintage-GE-Textolite-laminateThe kicker; the whole shebang cost me $2. Yes, you read that correctly. It was marked $4 but was 50% off last week. I felt kinda bad getting such a good deal, so I donated a few bucks to the ReStore on my way out — you know as I skipped joyfully to the car.

vintage-GE-Textolite-fern-camelotBe sure that this awesome vintage sparkle laminate will not go to waste though — I’ll come up with some creative way to use it! Anyone else have any lucky vintage finds over the weekend? Green or otherwise?


9 thoughts on “LUCK OF THE IRISH?

  1. This is just too awesome, Kate! Imagine if it was all in pristine condition, and you had a place it would fit perfectly! Congrats!

  2. Wow – perhaps if you can find smaller things to utilize it on you can carve up that laminate and work with sections that aren’t damaged and stained.

    As a note – I finally got the courage up and cleaned\regrouted the tile in my bathroom. I posted a blurb about it my blog. It was a bigger job than anticipated, but did not turn into a bottomless pit of work, fortunately…

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