retro-green-and-white-bathroomOne of my Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions for 2014 is to complete at least Phase 1 of my minty green hall bathroom partial remodel — but I never really explained what the phases were or why there are two. At first glance, it might be hard to understand why this bathroom needs any work at all, but when you take a closer look, it becomes more apparent.

bath-ceiling-beforePhase 1 had actually already begun, even before I made my resolution to finish it. (Is that cheating?) This bathroom had some major issues involving heat and moisture, and since those are kind of big problems, I decided to address those with professionals while they were already working on my retro pink master bathroom. Actually, I’ve been working on Phase 1 for quite a while now — ever since we moved in. Here’s what I want to accomplish during the Phase 1 remodel tallying what I’ve already accomplished:

bath-ceiling-before2So as you can see, the ceiling drywall was patched around the new fan — a task I accomplished quickly after the fan was installed because it is very creepy showering with a dark hole into the attic hanging over your head. This weekend the “get that finished already” bug bit me and I got out the primer and paint.

bath-ceiling-afterIt wasn’t long before I had the ceiling looking fresh and fabulous — heck it is a small bathroom with a low ceiling — the whole job took me about an hour (not counting drying time).

hey-I-matchI had to laugh because while I was taking after photos, I noticed my painting outfit coordinated with the bathroom. Not planned at all.

shower-wall-needs-helpWith the priming and painting of the ceiling complete, all of Phase1 that is left to complete is regrouting the tile in the tub area. I am not looking forward to this tedious job, mostly because I am still seeing squares from all the tile installing and grouting in my pink bathroom.

mildew-stained-groutAs much as I don’t want to do this part of the job, it is badly needed. Some of the grout has mildewed all the way through and is no longer cleanable. Yuck.

missing-groutIn other spots, the grout is missing completely. Every time I try to clean the shower, more seems to fall out. This is especially bad because of the possibility for moisture damage to the wall behind the shower tiles. On the plus side, now that our pink bathroom is complete, this bathroom only sees shower action when we have visitors, which is not more than three days a month on average. Still, for peace of mind (and much easier cleaning) I need to get going on the grout replacement project in the near future.

brown-groutFor Phase 2, more tile is involved. The 4.25″ square tiles on the floor have seen better days — and so has the grout. At some point, when the last owners replaced the toilet, they must have regrouted around it using leftover brown grout from the laundry room. When I tried to clean the grout on the bathroom floor, the area around the toilet stayed brown. Yuck.

damaged-floorOver by the doorway, and in a few other spots around the room, the tile is cracked, chipped or scratched from years of service. Phase 2 will include installing a new bathroom floor.

peeling-vanityWhile the vanity is extremely useful (lots of drawers!) and I generally like it, the moisture issues from years of the fan not working properly have taken its toll on the laminate. 

peeling-laminateSeveral different areas of the vanity have peeling or discolored laminate. Phase 2 involves me building yet another bathroom vanity.

bathroom-sinkWhen I was using this bathroom daily (while our master bathroom was under construction) I realized how much I disliked the high arch bathroom sink. Multiple times I hit my forehead on the faucet while attempting to wash my construction-weary face. Since I’ve never had that problem before with lower arch models, this faucet has to go.

peeling-countertopI’m also not a huge fan of the 80s laminate countertop — especially since it is peeling. Phase 2 will include a new low arc bath faucet and different countertop.

bathroom-cabinetsThe last part of Phase 2 that I am still considering is whether or not to do anything about the cabinets over the toilet area. They provide some great storage space, but since the vanity already has so many drawers, these cabinets are currently empty. I have considered changing them to sliding doors (I’ve hit my head on a door left open a few times and it hurts) or even removing them to add another towel bar higher up (and away from the toilet). With that said, this would be the last part of Phase 2 to be considered or tackled.

window-treatment-holesWhile I had the paint, putty and primer out this weekend, I also crossed off some patch work that has been on my to do list since I installed new window treatments in both our bedroom and the office several years ago. There were some pretty giant holes left over from the old vertical blinds that needed to be cleaned up in both rooms. The hardest part about this task was letting putty dry, then primer dry, then paint dry…but after a few hours of back and forth and a lot of brush cleaning, I can cross this item off my to do list — finally.

repaired-wallsNot a super exciting transformation, but still — finally it is done! I still have to patch the wood trim, stain the new quarter round and seal it as well (which has been on the to do list since we got new windows a few years ago) but that is a summer/windows open kind of task. Hopefully I won’t procrastinate past spring on this task, which needs to be completed in all three bedrooms.

So there you have it — an explanation of Phase 1 and 2 of the bathroom partial remodel and another task crossed off my long to-do list.



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