laundry-room-before-paintThe laundry room is just off our kitchen is a tiny room packed to the max. I wouldn’t say it was the most functional space — only because it is tight in there — but it houses our washer and dryer, a laundry sink, several cabinets, a toilet and a shower. While it is nice to have a third full bath in the house, with just my husband and I living here, we use the small shower as a closet to hold cleaning supplies instead of an actual shower. In fact, I think I’ve only turned it on once in the whole three and a half years we’ve been here.

This poor laundry room bathroom was the most neglected room in the house — I hadn’t paid it any attention past stuffing a new washer and dryer in there — since the house didn’t come with a set. The floor is obviously not original. I’m guessing the previous owners replaced it because it was in bad shape, because most everything in our house is original, except for the kitchen appliances, a few light fixtures, the wood floor in our living room, bedroom carpet and this laundry room floor. I think the last owners really only replaced something when it was worn out, which works fine for people like me who enjoy the retro charm of a 1962 ranch.

Laundry-room-paintedBeing the workhorse room that it is, the laundry room bath didn’t get much TLC over the years. In fact, the wall paint was original. I’m sure of this because the walls and ceiling were so dirty and there was no evidence that the room had ever been painted any other color. Not a drip or speck of any other paint anywhere. Since the wall tile is a peachy color with brown salt & pepper flecks, I had a few different options for the wall color. I could paint the walls an orangey shade — but since the wood work and cabinets are very orange, I felt that would simply be too much. I could also have repainted the room the same off-white it was before, just a fresh coat — but that didn’t seem very exciting.

I opted for my third choice — painting the room a complementary color to the tile. The complementary color of peachy yellow tile is purpley blue. How do I know that? Well the complementary color of orange (light orange is peach) is blue and the complementary color of yellow is purple. Mix those together and you get a bluish purple. Ta-da! Since there isn’t a lot of light in the room, I opted for a light purpley blue — Sherwin Williams Mild Blue.

laundry-room-bathroomI painted both the walls and ceiling Mild Blue, which really seems to make the peachy tiles pop and look less beige. I’m usually not a fan of purple or blue walls, but this time I like it — and heck — it took me about 2 hours to paint the limited wall space in this tiny room. If I get sick of this color down the road, it won’t take much time or paint to make a change.

butterfly-printNext, I hung up a few pieces of art to make the room feel even more cheery. I made this butterfly woodblock print in art school. It used to be in the kitchen, but it fit well in the laundry room and helps add more color to the space.

room-paintedThis framed saying started out on the opposite wall (if you noticed in the third picture in this post), but in the end it fit better next to the door.

old-sayingThe saying was a favorite of my Nana’s. She had a copy of this hanging in her yellow kitchen for years. I like the message, which inspires me to finish the laundry when it seems hopeless.

bathroom-retroThe last piece of art in the room is quite funny, or as my mother-in-law would say, “A little risqué.”

elephant-illustrationIt is a watercolor/pen and ink drawing I did in art school for my illustration class senior year. I rediscovered it when pawing through some of my old portfolio pieces after the holidays, and it made me laugh. If you are wondering about the subject matter of the drawing, it was one of those assignments where the professor gives you a random paragraph that you have to do your best to illustrate. During my last trip to Ikea, I picked up an inexpensive frame so I could hang this drawing up, right over the toilet.

elephantIf nothing else, it is a reminder to “Please wash your feet.” errr….hands.

While the laundry room spiff-up is not the most exciting transformation, a new coat of paint and some playful wall art make the space feel cleaner, loved and more a part of the rest of our house.


12 thoughts on “LAUNDRY ROOM LIFT

  1. Saw this post earlier on a mobile device, and have to say it took me a few glances back and forth to notice what changes you made. I’ve seen the photos of other rooms in your house, too. I’ll make you a dare: Paint just one wall in a bold accent color. Just one wall. And it must have little chroma, and be medium to dark in tone. I dare you to do it; your house is cute as can be, and all of your wall colors are light pastels. I dare you!

    • An accent wall in this tiny bathroom? There is hardly a wall to accent! I know this isn’t the most exciting change, but the room already has so much going on that a tiny “accent” wall would make it even more chaotic.

      About the rest of my house….yes, I have some pastels, but last time I checked, Orange was not a pastel color! A large amount of my living/dining room is orange, the accent wall in the guest room is orange…how are those not bold accent colors? I’m thinking you would have loved my first house, it was an 1890 cape cod with a bright coral living room, bright yellow dining room, bright orange bedroom, lime green office, hot pink bathroom, bright turquoise kitchen and the front door was flamingo pink. 🙂

      • Oh, I was speaking of “sock-it-to-me” bold color (hey, we’re talking mid-mod, so the Laugh-In reference seems rather appropriate:). I’m talking boooolllld, like deep grays, deep olive greens, and yes, deeeeep oranges–all in flat or eggshell paint.

        Anyway, best to you two on your second bathroom reno!

      • I may be convinced to go with a deep orange, but you’ll never catch me painting any part of my house gray! Too depressing!

        Thanks for the well wishes on bathroom #2. At least I am not starting with a total demo on this one!

  2. So I’m wondering what the paragraph said that caused you to make that illustration. 🙂 Love it … and the new laundry room look.

  3. What a nice laundry room..and with another bathroom..lucky you. My w/d have to be in the garage.
    Just the other day I was looking back at your living room/entry way pics and the paint colors and loving them..what colors are they? They look so pretty together.
    Would love to see your old home pics with the flamingo pink. 🙂

      • Cool, thanks for the paint names. I so love colors and combinations of colors..I just can’t understand people, especially now, who want no color! I mean just look at flowers..they aren’t gray and beige!

      • exactly. I could never paint my walls grey! Would make me feel like I was living in a cloudy sky. Give me orange, green, aqua, pink, coral…so much happier!

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