Homecrest-Casino-ChairBiting cold, blowing snow and negative wind chills didn’t discourage me from picking up a new to me vintage Homecrest patio set. Yes, I’m buying patio furniture in February, why not? I’ve been searching for a vintage patio table and chairs for quite a while now — and as luck would have it — one surfaced in the dead of winter. With some careful stacking, I even got it all in the back of my car in one trip!

vintage-homecrest-casino-chairThe set is made up of four vintage Homecrest Casino Chairs — which I was able to identify thanks to the neat-o vintage catalog archive found on the Homecrest Patio Furniture web site. The Casino chair can be found in both the 1963-1964 and 1966 catalogs.

The Casino Chair catalog description reads:

The Casino Chair for poolside or patio combines rugged construction with smart, contemporary styling. Lacy, diamond-mesh expanded metal seat and back are cool and comfortable. You will also enjoy its convenient size. Like all Homecrest furniture, the Casino Chair is made of welded steel, bonderized, primed and finished with baked-on enamel.

I bet the “diamond-mesh” lets the cool, refreshing summer breezes pass right though — which is a wonderful thought since right now the “cool breezes” are the equivalent of a -25+ wind chill. Talk of breezes aside, these chairs are super comfy. The curve of the chair seat and back make the chair feel comfortable — no need for cushions or pillows.

vintage-homecrest-fold-away-tableI identified the table that came with my set as the “Adjustable Table.” Since the chairs and table were purchased from the original owner’s estate, I’m guessing that the original owner bought the set in 1966 — since that is the only year where the Casino Chair and Adjustable Table appear together.

The catalog has this to say about the Adjustable Table:

This practical new table with folding legs may be adjusted to 27″ height for cards or luncheon, or to 20″ height for chips and dips. Tubular legs fold flat for easy storage. Round diamond mesh top is 42″ diameter and accommodates an umbrella.

I haven’t yet tried to adjust the table to the two different heights, but it does fold up nicely in the corner of the garage until warmer weather returns. We’ll likely use this table at its dining height in our Tiki Lounge porch most of the time, but it is nice to have two options.

rust-on-patio-furnitureThe set is in great structural shape — it just needs a good scrub, a coat of rust inhibiting primer and a new top coat of spray paint before it will be ready to go for many more years of faithful service. With a little restoration work, we’ll soon be comfortably sitting around this set enjoying “chips and dips,” much to the delight of my adorable and chip loving husband Jim and chow hound Leo.



  1. Like you, I hunted for a bargain and found a great Woodard set, which I stripped, primed and spray painted. We have a set of four flamingo pink Casino chairs in our store for the folks who prefer for someone else to do the searching, the sandblasting and the powder coating. Whether we do it ourselves or buy them already restored, it keeps these beauties out of landfills, which is what really matters.

    • Thanks retrosandie! As soon as it gets warm enough to spray paint, I’m going to get them fixed up and ready for the season! So…fingers crossed for an end of April or May patio furniture makeover!

    • Thanks Vanessa! I am lucky…it is hard to find vintage patio furniture in good condition up here in the brutal northern states! I think whoever owned this set at least had it under cover for the winter. Some people just leave their stuff out on the patio and let it get snowed on!

  2. Kate,
    Great set! And thanks for posting the link to the Homecrest catalogs. Kudos to Homecrest for providing these historic documents. I found out that the “wire Eames style chair” I bought is actually a Homecrest B99T. I need to apply fresh paint & make cushions for it, but what a comfy chair.
    Think spring,

  3. Great find and off-season is the time to strike! I would have also inquired about the Nelson BBQ grill that I spied on the shelf next to the table in the garage. Cool mid-century graphics on the box too!

  4. Nice new look to your blog! Patio furniture looks comfy for sitting around the Tiki Lounge this summer. 🙂 Now to decide what colors to paint them …..

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom, I felt like it was time to spiff it up a bit.

      I’m pretty sure I’m going to repaint the chairs and table with the original white. Very versatile and true to the history of the set. 🙂

  5. Great score. I’m a huge Homecrest fan. I have a glider bench, 8 rockers, 2 barrel chairs, 4 parlor chairs, a couple of tables, a captains chair and ottoman, and a siesta lounger–and yet, I’m still looking for more. You certainly can’t find anything new that’s nicer than Homecrest (even the new Homecrest isn’t as well made or as cool looking as the old stuff). I’ll be interested to see your set when it’s complete.

  6. What a great find! Yes, we could all use some cheerful news that someway, somehow, Spring will be back! My grandparents had a set like this, that I remember well from all the summer meals on the screened-in patio. My grandma would get all the little relish dishes, and chilled salads, and chips and lunch meats, and we would sit out there for hours eating in those chairs. Good memories. Also, I just want you to know that your doggie is SO adorable–I love it when he has “speaking” bubbles. Very cute!

    • Thanks Elle! Sounds like your grandparents knew how to have a good time, that’s exactly how I plan to use my set. Jim, Leo and I love eating dinner out on the screened porch all summer long! (and Leo helps me grill!) 🙂

  7. Great find! New coat of paint and that will set will look amazing. I remember seeing a patio set like that on Craigslist. At the time I was living in an apartment. I should have listened to my inner hoarder and gotten them. boo

  8. Yeah, I’d have those chairs and table media-blasted and painted up with powder coat paint. Oh, by the way, I dig the site redo… er, uh, revamp!

    • Hmmm I’ll have to look into powder coating Michael…is that something you have done at an auto body paint shop?

      Thanks! The site hadn’t been changed for over three years…I thought it was time to switch it up a little. Nothing fancy, but still, fun to have a change!

      • Yes, it can be done by an auto shop who would agree to paint your dinette set. Powder coating is a process whereby an electrical current is applied to metal and a powdered paint is sprayed onto it. The coating is attracted to the electricity passing through the metal. It is then put into a heated chamber to cure. Automotive and other paint shops use powder paint to coat vehicle frames, motorcycle frames, automotive wheel rims, and much more. It is perhaps the most durable and long-lasting coating which can be applied. Expect to pay a little more, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

  9. Oooh, fantastic find! That’s going to be a great set when it ever warms up. Can’t wait to see. I absolutely love our round patio table and chairs. They’re repro, but have that great vintage look. Sadly, all I can do now is stare out at them covered in feet of snow, I feel so bad for them!

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