seed-pod-flamingoWhen I walked past my built-in planter divider yesterday, I did a double take. Is that a miniature flamingo living amongst my plants?

mid-century-planterUpon further inspection, I discovered there were actually two tiny birds that have recently taken up residence in the planter. Can you spot them both?

mini-flamingoBut I kid. Yes these tiny birds are indeed creating a habitat in my planter, but they didn’t just appear one day.

pinecone-birdEver since I first filled the planter with something other than junk back in 2011, the plants have been doing rather well — that is until about 6 months ago. I’m pretty sure that it was my fault. I have a tendency to kill plants with love (overwatering) and sadly, I seem to have done exactly that to a few of these guys. Oops.

Ostrich-pinecone-birtSince it is February and much too cold for me to go digging around in the garage looking for gardening tools and soil, I’m not in the mood to replace the deceased (or nearly deceased) plants right now. To make the mess I’ve created a little more easy on the eyes — and continue the touches of humor in my decor — I decided to let a few of these seed pod birds from West Elm come live with me. Of course I naturally gravitated towards the wacky looking flamingo, but it was also darn near impossible for me to resist an Ostrich with a pine cone butt.



  1. Those are very cute and look right at home in the planter. They’ll add a sense of humor to the location for sure. 🙂

  2. Cute idea! Mine still has poinsettas atop the pebbles, but I might have to add some birds and move the poinsettas to the sunporch.

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