wall-artWith the holiday decor all packed away until next year, I decided it was time to start hanging up some art on my bare walls.

el-gato-gomez-painting-birds-in-cageI’m a huge fan of mid century styled, colorful art — if you couldn’t tell already with my SHAG obsession. I’ve been admiring El Gato Gomez’s work for the last few years and just last October, I finally pounced on one of her paintings. It has been waiting for a home since then. This weekend, I finally decided on one.

mid-century-wall-artI was never sure how to decorate the wall with the pass-through from the kitchen, but treating the doors as one piece of a larger grouping of objects seems to work. The addition of the mid century styled wall clock that used to hang on the opposite wall finished out the arrangement nicely. I also like how the aqua in the background of the bird painting picks up the aqua from the kitchen cabinets in the next room.Painting-of-Bob

So what’s on the other  wall where the clock used to be? The painting of my grandfather as a young man that I stared about two years ago and have yet to finish.

Painting-of-Robert-fishingI thought that maybe if it was up on the wall in a prominent position, it would give me the kick in the pants I need to finish it sooner rather than later.


Here’s the photo I’m painting from — I think my grandfather was maybe 15 or 16 here. I love the composition of the photo and the high contrast — but wanted to try my hand at colorizing it in the painting. As you can see, I still have a ways to go on the details.

mid-century-fireplaceThere is still a lot of space left on the this wall — maybe once I finish some of the paintings I’ve already started, they can all hang in this room together to fill it up.


22 thoughts on “DECK THE WALLS…

  1. Love the new art. I also love the wall color in your living room – so cheerful but not overpowering. Have you mentioned before what color it is? Love it as a background!

    • Either that or a grouping of unrelated paintings. I think I need to have an odd number of art on that wall — so even after a triptych, I’d still need at least one more to bring the grand total up to five. 🙂

  2. Love your new painting on the drive thru wall. 🙂 Also – so nice to see the Bob painting up on the wall, even tho it is not finished … looks so nice so far. He would be pleased and flattered I know.

  3. Cheerful and stylish to the nth degree!

    Besides being a force of mid-century home decorating, blogging and vlogging, you have scads of talent as a fine artist.

  4. I love Charley Harper, I love Gomez’s work, and you are doing a fantastic job with the painting of your grandfather! There’s a painting I did of my grandfather, one that I’m particularly proud of, that I’d love to have on my wall. He was sitting on the steps to the house’s side door, holding a ship that he had built. Now if I can just get my mom to give it up (it’s her dad, so that likelihood is not for a long time!), it will be on my wall!
    So I love what’s going on your walls. But where are your cool clocks?

  5. Your El Gato Gomez looks like a picture of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland that my husband just got me. I did some digging and it seems like Gomez did a bunch of stuff for Disney. Now I am dying to get home and look more closely at mine!

  6. Your house is just fantastic! Love your artwork (especially the painting of your grandfather — you are very talented!) and I love your painted wall paneling. I painted the 70’s vintage paneling in my old house and loved the way it looked. I think it gives the walls some character and it’s sure a lot cheaper than pulling the paneling down and putting up new drywall. More people should consider this option!

    • Thanks Marnie!

      Yes, painting the paneling in this room was a must for me. With the wood floors, wood trim and wood paneling, it was all too much. Plus the pink walls look really nice with the fireplace, which is made of a pink, white, purple and grey quartz.

  7. I found your blog while searching for Broyhill Brasilia furniture… I’ve had my eye on the line for a while and just recently found a commode at a local store. There was also a 7-drawer chest that I didn’t think was authentic but I liked it anyway so I bought it. Your house is so inspiring! And I love all your pieces–they are absolutely beautiful.

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