Its the new year — time to take down those holiday decorations. This year I enlisted the help of Godzilla, because even though my Christmas was very merry, the stomach flu-filled days that followed were not. My adorable husband Jim made sure I remained horizontal in bed or on the couch for the better part of two days, a difficult feat for a girl who constantly likes to be working on projects or planning the next one. 


This prevented me from lifting a finger to take down any holiday decorations, find a home for new gifts, or vacuum the oodles of dog fluff that had accumulated like snowfall around the house. It was very difficult to not be doing anything but focusing on feeling better — especially since I like to get right down to the business of packing up the decorations so that the new year can begin a clean slate — free of the remnants and excess of the holiday. While laying on the couch, complaining about being bored (yet still sick), an epiphany about why this matters so much to me hit. My memory is somewhat photographic, giving me the uncanny ability to find a pillow in the exact same shade of turquoise as my living room rug without bringing a swatch to the store. Another cool thing about this memory of mine is how I can use it to locate nearly every item in the house. If Jim needs to know where to find the needle-nosed pliers, I can give him directions down to the square inch. (Though, whether or not he can see it right in front of his face or not is another story.)

For me, cleaning and organizing the house once a year at the beginning of the year is very important for my sanity in the coming months. It allows me to start the following 365 day set with a clear mind. Being sick and unable to tidy up my grey matter was very frustrating, so of course as soon as Jim gave me clearance to return to life as usual, I went nuts straightening up the place.


How did this post go down that rabbit hole? Oh yes, the point here was supposed to be: while trying to recover from the flu, my thoughts bounced around from place to place. Lists were made, resolutions were decided, goals for the new year were set. There will be a new list of my Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions for 2014 coming soon — as well as a rundown of how many of  2013 resolutions shaped up (or didn’t).


Now that adequate time has been taken to recharge my batteries post-pink bathroom marathon, I’ll be returning to posting here at least once a week (maybe twice if there’s lots to share). 

Hopefully all of you had as wonderful of a holiday season as we all did here at the Retro Ranch — minus the flu. Leo had an especially good holiday, helping us unwrap all our gifts and even unwrapping one of his own. He also celebrated his 7th birthday with a doggy cake again this year.

2013 was a good year for us and we hope 2014 will be just as exciting. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better! I hate the stomach flu!! I also know what you mean about getting the house ready for the new year. As soon as Christmas is over, I’m ready to take down all the decorations and have everything ship shape for a fresh start. Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to another year here and at RR!

  2. Before you’re all better, please breathe in my direction, would you Kate? I haven’t had the flu for ages, but the last time, 10 unwanted pounds magically disappeared. Now they’re back and I could use a fool-proof reducing method.

    • hehehe ohholland, do you know what you are asking! That was pure misery! I wouldn’t breathe in your direction if I could because that is just mean. Even with the flu, I know how you feel. We have been having such cold weather that Leo hasn’t had a proper walk (or a walk at all) in nearly a week. I need some exercise myself! And some hot soup! Brrr!

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