With all of the hustle and bustle around here lately — finishing up my retro pink bathroom, baking holiday cookies, shopping and wrapping presents, and on and on — it came to my attention that no photos of our holiday decor set up had made it on the blog. While most everything is very similar to the last few years, there are a few new and retro holiday items on display.


I try to only get one or two new holiday decorations every year (which can be difficult!) to keep the budget in check. This year, besides the adorable Christmas Pup that Mom and Dad thoughtfully sent our way, there are only a few small additions to the decor. One of which is this vintage tree topper, found on Ebay.


It is plastic (maybe made by Bradford?) and shows some patina and is perfect for the top of our silver tree. I just love it!


The other new addition to our holiday decor is the hot pink vintage ornament wreath that I made when shooting the video tutorial — make a vintage Christmas ornament wreath for Retro Renovation.


It was loads of fun to collect all the ornaments and make them into this shiny, happy wreath that is now proudly displayed in my living room.


There are a few more retro putz style houses on the mantle too — a whole neighborhood!

christmas-mantlel -retro

You can find all of my mid century putz house patterns over on Retro Renovation, if you are feeling creative. They take a while to make, but are oh-so-fun.


Meanwhile outside, our already snow covered yard got even deeper with the arrival of 8-9 inches of heavy, wet snow overnight. Mr. Christmas flamingo is not looking so tropical these days…


… and Christmas Pup bravely stayed at his post through the entire storm.


Thankfully, it is nice and cozy inside. From all of us at the Retro Ranch, we wish you and yours a very merry, safe and wonderful holiday!

Leo, sing us into the new year!


…well…he tried his best. 🙂




  1. Wow, I remember that kind of star you have atop your tree. Am thinking it’s exactly what my grandparents had. Hey, Kate, if you’re fond of researching ’60s decorations, try to find 3 little choirboys made of small magazines like the old Readers Digest and National Geographic. All the pages were dog-eared, the pages spread out so the book could stand on its own, sprayed red, on top of which were a little doily for their collars, and a white styrofoam head atop each one. They had yarn for hair and little teardrops for eyes. Would most likely have been featured in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Oh, and they had little felt arms and mittens, and each were holding a hymnal. We had them set up on the old Philco stereo set every year.

  2. Kate~Sweetheart, your home and decorations look lovely! So beautiful and retro! Poor flamingo in the snow!!! And the Christmas portrait of the three of you is awesome. Wishing you the best holidays ever!!

    PS-I have an idea of what Mike S is talking about. I have a copy of a Mary Engelbreit Home Companion from OCT/NOV 2007 and in it are instructions and patterns on “altered books”. The pages are folded in certain sequences to make different shapes. I remember trees made out of Sears catalogs! I tried making a tree, but I really didn’t fuss with it, so it sits under a chair to keep my kitties from getting under it. LOL I’ll bet you could come up with something similar to what Mike means, Kate!!!! If you want any info, please let me know!


  3. Your house looks lovely and you guys have to be the cutest couple! I just wanted to thank you for the putz house patterns. I made 5 of them this year and it was lots of fun. I posted pics on Retro Renovation (I’m Erika T – one of the Christmas Decorating All Stars, thanks btw 😀 ). Just wondering if you had an tips for storing the putz houses? I’m just afraid since they are so delicate, I thought you might have some advice. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed making the Putz houses Erika T! I’m not sure how you store the rest of your holiday decor, but at our house, we use those large, plastic tubs for everything except the tree. When I’m packing them up, I make sure to leave the top of a few of the bins open, and just set the putz houses on top, then close the lid. When I open the tub the following year, they are just as I left them. Hope that helps!

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