Leo has been quite the lucky dog lately. Presents keep arriving via UPS for him. He already received his early Christmas/Birthday present (you’ll hear about that soon) and then a big box arrived from my parents a.k.a. the “Grandpuprents.” Leo seemed to know the box was for him, but he was a little unsure of the contents.


After assembling “Christmas Pup,” I plugged him in so he and Leo could get to know each other. Then this happened:


The cords coming out of his rear and the absence of “dog smell” must have been a dead giveaway that Christmas Pup is not a real dog.

Good detective work Leo.


No Leo, can’t you see that Christmas Pup already has a bone in his mouth? Your treats are safe!


For the safety of Christmas Pup (Mom was worried he would have the same fate as “snow pup” did last year if left out alone in the back yard) he was sent out front. He’s not the greatest guard dog, but he does make visitors smile.

out-front yard-lit-up christmas-pup-lights-on


15 thoughts on “LEO, MEET CHRISTMAS PUP

  1. So funny! Christmas pup looks so nice out front … where Leo wants him. LOL Tell Leo I’ll take the ham request into consideration for next year. πŸ™‚

  2. That made me laugh out loud…what expressions! I think my dogs would just start chewing on it, no questions asked. The thought bubbles are too funny, esp. the last one.

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