There’s a whole lot of grout that’s all done in my bathroom! You can read all about it — and watch my “exciting” four minute video today on

I can almost feel the shower now!



8 thoughts on “PINK TILES ARE GROUTED!

  1. Wow Kate … looks FANTASTIC and FABULOUS!!! Congrats on getting this far and doing so well. Heading over to RR now to see the video of my very talented daughter! 🙂

  2. This is fantastic! I’m going to have to look at all of your posts on the bathroom again – at some point, I’ll be tiling the lower walls in my bathroom. I just watched the video, too – saw a lot of things I didn’t see in the photos. Love the little closet – for linens? And the thermostat will be nice! You guys have done some amazing things!

    • Thanks bluginhm! Yes, the closet is for linens and laundry — and extra supplies like mouthwash and TP. 🙂 The in floor heat will be wondrous! Well worth the extra $$$ I’m guessing. I’ll let you know in January!

  3. I need to repair some broken/missing grout in my 60’s shower. I would love an opinion. Do I just regrout the bad grout, then paint all the grout so it doesn’t look like a patch job? Or Do I take out bad grout, scribe the rest of the good grout and regrout the entire shower, including ceiling? I do have time, patience and a willingness to learn. Other sites for info would also be great! Thanks for sharing your experiences with the rest of us!

    • Hi Eileen,

      I’m not a pro at regrouting (though I do need to do it in my other bathroom…just haven’t gotten to it yet!). From what I understand, it is hard to match whites exactly, so any patch job will be noticeable to some degree. I am planning on using a grout saw or other removal tool to take out the old grout and then regrout my entire tub area. I may use the same epoxy grout I used in my pink bathroom (hard to work with and expensive, but never needs to be sealed) or I could also use standard cement grout and then seal it. You might want to go to a specialty tile store to ask them about which products and methods to use. Good luck!

  4. I love your new bathroom tiles Kate!! We are currently working on our basement bathroom which coincidently is the same color! I was wondering if you could tell me where your found your wall tiles and flooring? We already have the big things like sike, commode, etc since my husband is a plumber. I also wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your blog!

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