That’s exactly what I said when the mudjackers we hired to fix our driveway were done.


Over the years, tree roots, settled fill or some other force made parts of our driveway sink. In some points, the difference was several inches. Not good if you are a accident prone like myself. Between the dropping pears and the uneven concrete, our driveway was a minefield. The spaces between the driveway were also large enough to be home to some pretty fierce weeds.

We weren’t planning on doing this project until next spring (since we have the whole bathroom remodel project going on) but the stars aligned in our driveway’s favor. We were out walking Leo one evening and happened upon the mudjackers finishing up a job at one of our neighbor’s houses. They commented on how cute our dog was and we got to talking. (Anyone who thinks dogs are cute has to be good, right?) Being the bargain hunting gal I am, I decided to ask for a quote and to see if they would give us a deal since they were already working in our neighborhood. It ended up being working out — we saved a few hundred bucks — apparently they like having jobs all together since saves time and gas.


Not only did they fix the driveway and get rid of all those tripping points, but they also removed all the weeds and did some edging for me. Two hurrahs for the price of one!



When I saw how nice the driveway looked, I squealed with delight! I might have surprised the two guys that were doing the work, something tells me that most of their customers don’t jump up and down clapping when they finish a job.


As the guys were leaving, I joked that my adorable husband Jim would drive right past on his way home because he wouldn’t recognize the house. It looks too nice! In fact, all of our neighbors have been commenting on how great our driveway looks.

If your driveway, patio or sidewalk is tilted or uneven, but the concrete itself is in good shape, mudjacking is an excellent option. It can save thousands of dollars over replacing the concrete, plus it keeps your old driveway out of the landfill. I highly recommend it!




  1. WOW! Looks like new! And no more weeds for now. How exciting! Glad you got this done. Helps change the entire first impression of your side yard. 🙂

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