Thanks so much for all the helpful replies on my recent post asking for advice to choose a wall location for my cool new mid century clock. I took all the advice into consideration and decided to hang the clock in the living room in between the replica starburst clock and my Shag print. It was a tough decision, but ultimately option 1 just seemed too perfect to pass up.


With everything else that has been going on around here — like finally finishing the install of my pink bathroom tiles — It ended up taking me nearly two weeks to hang up the darn clock.


Now this huge orange wall is really starting to shape up. Of course, there is still plenty of room for more art and mid century finds — let’s consider it a work in progress.


Since I don’t have time to wind the clock every eight days, I set the time to my wedding anniversary with Jim. You may commence your chorus of “awwwwww” now.

I realized that from this vantage point, three clocks are visible! I have no excuse to be late with my blog posts any more…right? That is unless I’m up to my eyeballs in grout…


5 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…

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  2. Looks great! Have to share with you since crafty holiday season is coming upon us…I always save & re-purpose stuff and just realized all these juice box straws I’ve been saving would make great “spokes” for a sputnik/starburst ornament. Just stick ’em in a styrofoam ball and spray paint/glitter with silver paint (a the kind that doesn’t melt styrofoam) they would look neat hanging from the ceiling for a holiday retro party.

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