My ebay shopping spree continues now, with this orange and hot pink 1960s-1970s cheshire cat bank. One look at that face and I was hooked. It followed me home, honest!


Oh, hi Phil. I know you like shoes more than other cats but quite frankly — I have enough of those too.


Anyway, back to the bank. Pink and orange are two of my favorite colors, and are used a lot in the decor around the Retro Ranch, so I’m sure I’ll have no problems picking a ledge for this cute kitty to curl up on for the long haul.


Even the tail is striped!


At least this kitty is smiling — even if Phil isn’t.



    • Both Phil and Milton love shoes. They stick their whole heads in the shoes sometimes. Particular favorites are any of Jim’s shoes. Bigger hole to stick their head into and stinkier (I think). hehehehe

  1. I remember these cute banks. Pink and orange was a neat color combo back then..I used those bright colors to crochet a handbag in Jr. High.

    • Cool TammyCA! I love pink and orange together. They were my wedding colors (bright orange and hot pink). My maid of honor had a bright orange dress and she LOVED it. 🙂 Luckily orange is her favorite color too.

  2. Cute bank and cute Phil! It just has to be a cat thing or something. I have a cat, too (only one out of the three of them, though), who loves shoes – loves to lay on them, loves to rub on them, even loves to steal them! If I don’t put certain pairs in a place out of his reach, I often come home to find one in the living room or kitchen!

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