With all of the long hours put in building my pink bathroom, some mid-project, self rewarding ebay shopping was in order. When you are sore from carrying and installing boxes and boxes of pink tiles, nothing feels better than sitting back with your feet up sipping a cocktail — and shopping for retro goodies from the comfort of your own home. Of course one can’t just look — but always ends up finding something amazing and then sweating down to the last second until the ebay auction ends. Once victorious, one waits patiently for the mail man to bring home the newest vintage treasure — this time it was a Forestville mid century tear drop shaped starburst clock.


This clock has quite a wall presence. It is large and sticks out quite far.


The clock doesn’t plug in or run on batteries, but is an 8-day wind clock (complete with a key). The front glass window opens up and it is wound with the key in the little circle above the number six. Because this clock must be wound ever 8 days, it is high maintenance, and I’ll probably forget to wind it from time to time. It also ticks quite loudly, so I may not always want to have it going.

With that in mind, I need to pick a location for the clock. Since I try not to buy something unless I have a place picked out for it, and I had to have this clock, I picked out four possible locations. Now I need your help — which location do you like best?


Option 1 — in the living room between the starburst clock and my Shag print. This way if the time on the clock is wrong, I can still look at the clock next to it to see the time. The new clock fits nicely in the space and continues to fill space on that big, mostly blank orange wall.


Option 2 —  Living room in between the Shag print and my ranch house shelves. Still fits nicely in the space and is not in a place where I regularly look for the time. In this space I would probably treat it more like a piece of decor than a clock.


Option 3 — In the den between the patio slider and the fireplace. The brass of the clock looks good in this room with all of my other vintage brass — the cranes on the fireplace mantel, the wire flower bowl and the C. Jere esque birds.


Option 4 — same room, different wall. I have a newer silver starburst clock and a small gold starburst mirror on that wall already. Adding the new clock would make a grouping of three — which is always nice.

That’s my dilemma — where would you hang my new vintage starburst clock?

UPDATE: and the winner is…Option 1! Thanks for all the helpful advice everyone.



  1. It’s an awesome clock!! I would almost want it in a place where it’s really set off because it is so different. Putting it with the other clocks puts it in competition with them. I like it ABOVE the Shag print or in the room where you have all the brass-options 3 & 4. You’ll have to show us where you end up putting this beauty!!!

    • I like the setup of number one since it looks like it’s a design you’d see in architectural digest. The light gold hues int eh picture accent the decor around it, and make the wall colors that much more vibrant.

  2. Love that clock! I personally like all of your options, but think I like option #3 the best- whatever you decide it’ll look great! Terrific find!

  3. My personal pic is option 1…both clocks together look awesome! (If you get tired of winding your clock…keep me in mind. I’ll take it off your hands. lol)

  4. That is a neat clock and I like option 1. It looks great with the two clocks, but would really be striking with a third. Searching for another will be fun. I have one clock that does not work and another that I forget to wind and I set them for five til three. All of my schools for the first twelve years let out at 3:00, so this was always the best time of day.

  5. Option 3…it’s such a unique piece, you want to show it off. Later on if you collect more, option 1 would look fantastic as a collection of retro clocks.

  6. My first pick is option 1 because it seems to help that wall look more balanced. My second choice is option 3 because I think it will offset the clocks on the other side of the fireplace nicely 🙂 If you choose option 4 I think I might re-order the clocks so the new clock is not on the outside edge b/c then it points away from the grouping.

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