You have no idea how excited I am to be done with the drywall portion of this project. Drywall work is my least favorite of all the home improvement jobs, and hanging it on a ceiling was 100 times harder than I had even imagined (even with adorable husband Jim’s help). The walls look great, and the ceiling, for my first attempt, turned out pretty good — not perfect — but as Jim reminds me, a lot of the jobs in this bathroom remodel are firsts for me, I do not drywall for a living, and prior to this, I had only patched holes on walls/done one wall. Never had I attempted a ceiling (and I can’t say I will attempt another one after this) or drywalling an entire room myself. Taking that into consideration, the few spots that are not 100% perfect can be fixed at a later time and really, most people will be looking at the pink tiles when they walk in, not the ceiling. So my perfectionist self is going to let this one go for now.

Onwards and upwards — and onto the tile!

I’ve just finished putting down the pink ceramic mosaic floor tiles — which you can read all about over on Retro Renovation — and I’m in love.

Stay tuned. This is where the real fun starts.


6 thoughts on “MOVING RIGHT ALONG…

  1. We’ve done a bit of drywall in the past. Quickly decided it’s a chore worth paying the pros to do. As my husband said, “It would take us as long to carry all those sheets to the basement, as it did for them to finish the job!”

    • When I remodeled the kitchen in my last house, I hired out the drywall. It was a nightmare. The drywallers didn’t show up when they were supposed to, didn’t have supplies when they showed up, and were unsavory guys (creeped me out), plus it was expensive! After that bad experience, I thought surely I could handle a little bathroom. Now, I’m not sure what I would do in the future. Both options seem bad!

  2. We drywalled two walls of our basement before, not bad up until the sanding, lucky my dad has sanded over 1000 cars in the autobody field and did most of the sanding! I do want to do a backsplash in our kitchen, I wonder how u would find the middle of the wall there for the tile? Read your post on your other website, tile looks great!

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