Leo, what are you talking about?


Oh Leo, they are on the other side of the fence…no flamingos are in your part of the yard. Relax!


Leo is talking about the newest addition to our feathered family — the set of mini mingos that I picked up at Menards during one of my recent trips hauling bags of

The flashy retro packaging really made me take notice, as did the list of features…


… won’t fade, anti-rust legs and made in the USA — wow! Plus, they are so darn cute, and one can never have too many flamingos, right?


Mine are hanging out in front of the tiki lounge, just outside Leo’s fenced territory. He may have a point though, they are multiplying — it appears that I have a whole family of flamingos now.

If you need some pint sized pink flamingos for your flock, and don’t live near a Menards, no worries — you can get your own set of mini mingos through Menards online.


15 thoughts on “THEY ARE MULTIPLYING!

  1. Love the retro packaging! And I like your unusual green flamingo – where did you find him? Your outdoor spaces are wonderful, especially like the retro fireplace.

  2. I’m so tempted to order these mini ‘mingos…I love me some pink flamingos and the box is super neat. Only thing is that dh won’t approve of them on the yard…but, since they are little maybe I can find some place.

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