I’ve been chipping away at the back yard in little pieces — trying to make it a little nicer for humans and dogs to hang out in. While my family was visiting for Christmas in July, I noticed that Menards had a sale on large river rocks — the kind I wanted to use to fill some weed-infested areas between the house and patio.


Instead of being $3.49 per bag, they were on sale for $1.89 per bag — however I remembered this on the last day of the sale. So — not wanting to overload my car — I made 3 trips to Menards in one afternoon to get 28 bags of the rocks — meaning I covered this area for $52.92 instead of $97.72 — a big difference, especially if you have an expensive bathroom remodel in the works…


It was a lot of work to haul all 28 of those bags home and get them in place — but I love the results. (For those who are wondering, I removed some dirt from the area to make the rocks flush with the top of the sidewalk and also put down some landscape fabric to keep the weeds from coming back too aggressively).


Now the hose doesn’t sit in the mud! yay!


I wanted to fill this other, smaller area with rocks too, but after three trips from Menards and moving all those rocks (1,120 lbs or so by my estimate), I was too tired to go back for another 12 or so bags to finish this space off. Next time they are on sale, I’ll finish the project, I promise!


Somebody else was tired too — though I suspect it wasn’t from all the lifting — since dogs can’t really carry big bags of rocks.


My guess — he was tired from sniffing each rock individually when he discovered them. Silly puppy.


19 thoughts on “THIS ROCKS…

  1. Your blog entries are so much fun to read! They always make me smile…(and today I wished there was a Menards in SW Florida so I could take advantage of that sale!) lol

  2. Gravel as landscaping has been the solution around our new home. If you have a stone yard near enough to you, you may want to call and ask about their prices. I’ve been putting light gray driveway rocks all around, and pay less than $20 a pickup truck load (usually about 3/4 of a ton). Anyway, yours is a good look! Well done!

    • Yes, we have a landscape supply place near our house that does dirt, mulch and rock deliveries (I don’t have a 3/4 ton pickup truck to fill!). If I were doing a larger area, I suppose I would have just had some rock delivered, but for these two little areas it doesn’t seem worth the delivery fee… plus, who needs to buy a gym membership to stay in shape when you are hauling around bags of rock? 😉

  3. I have those smooth multi-toned stones surrounding two sides of my wee MCM ranch and along its driveway. Looks great and no maintenance.

    Only thing is one of my dogs (a Leo double, except red and white) loves to grab a tasty stone and gnaw on it. I always know when he’s doing it because he’s NOISY, so so far I’ve gotten them away before he wears down his pretty toofers. So, if Leo’s been sniffing your stones, keep an ear open for chomping on one!

    • Oh my! Nope, Leo was just sniffing the stones. When it comes to chewing on stuff, he much prefers sticks and his toys. I’ve never seen him even try to pick up a rock…thank goodness!

  4. Boy it sure looks like Leo did all the work, doesn’t it, ha ha!

    Your yard is really looking great. (I particularly love your firewood holder!) When we re-did the alley-side bed on our alley we didn’t put down landscape fabric under our mulch, which a neighbor then made us feel truly stupid about (yay for people sticking their noses in your business, lol). Now I kind of wish I did, but I guess that’s what happens as you learn as you go! Now I tell myself I eventually want to fill in with hostas, to make me feel better. 😉

    • Thanks Tasha! Little by little the yard is shaping up. I always put the landscaping fabric down because I have such a large yard with SO MANY weeds, that if I don’t, they try to take over when I turn my back for a minute. Yard stuff takes time, but I’m sure one of these years it will look fantastic 🙂

    • Hi Linda,

      We’ve lived in the house for about three years, so I’m not sure what was done to the slate prior to then, but since moving in, I just vacuum it regularly and mop every few weeks with a damp mop or a damp microfiber cloth. I don’t really use any specific products on it..though I have been trying to figure out if it needs to be sealed every so many years or not…more research needed! 🙂

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