Ever since we bought our Retro Ranch three years ago, I’ve wanted to go on the roof. Our last house had one of those roof slants that you need climbing gear to scale, so I never even dreamed about going up there. Our ranch however, has a gentle, sloping pitch — one that is easy to walk on.


Dad and I went up on the roof to investigate — which brought back memories of when I was 14 or so and helping Dad re-roof the 80s ranch house I grew up in.


Mom and my brother Pat opted to stay on the ground and continue work on the side yard — look, there’s grass!


The last surviving pine tree is much taller than it looks from the ground. No wonder all I do is pick up pine cones!


Hey, there’s the retro red fireplace on my oval patio…

patio-from-above back-corner-of-yard

…ugg and the back corner of the yard — still untouched after 3 years living here. It hasn’t been a priority…


And look — the raised bed victory garden. Hmm this reminds me to trim that out of control Buckthorn off the fence — soon!

While getting up on the roof is not for everyone, I found it to be an enjoyable adventure — one that let me see my yard from new vantage points. I’m glad I took the camera along — in a few more years I should hopefully have the yard mostly under control. It will be nice to look back at photos — from the ground and the roof — and see the progress, don’t you think?


7 thoughts on “VIEW FROM ABOVE

  1. I haven’t been up on our roof yet, although I keep thinking that I’d like to. We have a flat roof, so my husband has to get up there on a regular basis to sweep off debris, etc. It seems very high when I’m looking up at him from the ground. I just have to work up the courage to get up there. I think it’s the ladder that I really find intimidating, not necessarily the heights. I agree, though, that it’s nice to see things from a new perspective 😉

  2. I envy you! Our roof is one of those you need climbing gear for. Add fir needles and good ol Seattle rain and it gets down right treacherous.
    And don’t feel bad about not getting to spots in the yard after only 3 years. My neighbor is just now getting to his entire backyard after decades. It sounds like he needed a chainsaw lol.

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