Christmas in July 2013 was our most widely-attended to date. We had a group of 14 family members and a dog (Leo of course) this year. Since it wasn’t 110 degrees outside, we were able to pose for some family photos without melting, and use the tiki lounge for the festivities — hurrah!

Of course we had plenty of food and drink, good conversation and tours of the Retro Ranch for those family members that hadn’t visited before — and everyone’s favorite part — the dirty santa gift exchange.


Like always, everyone had to bring a gift that costs no more than $5 and is useful — bonus for creative wrapping. We draw names out of a bowl and whoever gets picked can choose a mystery present from under the tree, or steal one that has been opened already…


Dad thinks waving your hands over the tree will tell you which is the best gift…


…he ended up with a talking key chain. You tell me if his method worked or not.


Jim’s sister got a “butter boy” — a funny little man that holds butter to put on sweet corn….


…my husband Jim loves corn, so of course he stole it…


…then his sister ended up with pig spatulas.


Aunt Linda got onion glasses — which are like safety glasses to protect your eyes from vapors emitted while cutting raw onions. I’m not sure that she knew what to think about them…


Mom, who dressed to match the tiki lounge, got some funny “retro” coasters…


I got some chip clips! Very exciting!


I think Uncle Al will know what to do with those…


Jim’s Mom got some hair care products — which I ended up stealing from her. Sorry Kathie, but they will go nicely in my bathroom when it is finished…he he he.


Cousin Danny got a soccer ball piñata (or if you are from England like he is, football piñata), which was exciting for him since he had never had a chance to hit one before. He let the kids have a few whacks first…


…then the piñata curiously started dripping…


…so Danny finished it off — causing an explosion of miniature bottles of booze to fly all over the yard. At least that explains the leaking piñata.


Everyone pitched in to help find the bottles of alcohol, though some are still M.I.A. Something tells me that the rest flew over the fence and the neighbors got a few complementary drinks on us…

All in all it was a fantastic Christmas in July 2013! Wether you and yours celebrated Christmas in July or Independence Day (or both!) I hope you all had as much fun as we did.

This was our third annual Christmas in July at the Retro Ranch. To see the fun from before, click the year below:


7 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IN JULY 2013

  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I think your Christmas in July idea is great and always look forward to you posting about it! I also love the idea of the “adult pinata”. I might have to steal that for a party at some point 😉


    I love the dress you’re wearing! It looks great with your hair and I love the waves you have going. Very summery!

    • We did have a blast! Thanks!

      The adult piñata was a fun idea — just make sure whatever you fill it with is not easily broken! 🙂 Of course, half the fun was wondering what was leaking out of the bottom of the piñata. hehehehe.

      Thanks for the complements! The dress pattern looked “retro” to me — maybe a bit 70s? As far as the hair goes…I have a natural wave to my hair that cannot be straightened on humid summer days! In the summer, I just let it do what it wants. 🙂

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