The next week is going to be a busy one here at the Retro Ranch. Everything is in full swing. The garden is growing and doing well even with my neglect…


…I almost can pick the snap peas!


The few flowers I’ve had a chance to plant are also looking good — hooray!

And on the bathroom remodel front — things are looking good…

A week ago, I set a goal for myself: finish putting up the walls in the bathroom so I can clean up my work area in half of the garage and park my car in there to fee up another driveway parking spot before everyone arrives for Christmas in July (which is Thursday!). I’m happy to announce that my car is the garage and the bathroom walls are all up.


Not exactly Leo…I have a lot of taping, puttying and sanding of drywall and cement board joints to tape and mortar before I can start any sort of tiling in there…


You said it Leo.

I may be MIA from blogging for the next week or so to enjoy my family’s visit. My parents and brother will be in visiting from their respective states for the next week or so, and on the 4th we are having the 3rd annual Christmas in July celebration with my family and some of Jim’s family. Should be a blast! I also have some much-neglected yard work to get done (which my garden loving Mom offered to help with). The weather looks pretty good, so I’m hoping for a fun, productive and sunny week!

Have a happy 4th everyone!



7 thoughts on “AN UPDATE…

  1. Kate, my husband uses a lightly dampened sponge to wipe the drywall seams. Not soaking WET, but damp, it fans the edges nicely. You might try it. You have to change the water in the bucket every so often, but there is none of the wretched dust.

    • Thanks for the tip Lynne — my Dad finishes drywall that way too. I think I’ll have to do a bit of sanding, but then plan to use the damp sponge method to finish…wish me luck!

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