Today, while going out on our evening walk, I realized that I “matched” Leo. It is hard to tell from these pictures, but Leo is wearing a worn red leather collar. His leash is black and red too. I was having a relatively good hair day (despite the humidity — curls!) and thought I’d try to get Jim to capture our match-y match-y look.


Of course Leo couldn’t keep his mouth shut and started making cliché jokes…

Watch it dog, or I’ll find you a pair of jeans to wear so we can completely match — since I know how much you like to play dress-up…


You know how they say people and their dogs tend to look alike — I’ve seen some of Jim and Leo’s similarities before — and I do suppose that Leo and I could both have a certain friendly, slightly disheveled look…right?


8 thoughts on “A GIRL AND HER DOG…

  1. When I first looked at the photo, that’s exactly what I thought-you match! How cute! And those red sandals are too adorable! I could imagine cute little red tie shoes for Leo, but he’d probably nix THAT idea with the first shoe on!!! LOL
    PS I keep threatening my kitties that I’m going to dress them up in doll clothes!!! >wink<

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