When you buy a house with a large yard that hasn’t been maintained for about 18 years or so, it can take a while to shape it up. I’ve been trying bit by bit, year by year to get the yard under control, but there are still a few pockets of out of control weeds — since I don’t believe in spraying poison all over the yard that my dog plays in, sleeps on, and occasionally eats — plus I’d like to be able to sit in the yard and not worry about chemicals myself. Anyway, a group of bunnies has decided that our weed-filled, chemical-free yard is the perfect place to live…


There are three of them to be exact. Sometimes they hop around the back yard and terrorize the dog through the window, sometimes they hang out in the side yard, and in the evening they like the front yard.


I don’t mind them because I’ve only seen them eating the weeds, but they do make Leo go nuts. He thinks they are fun to chase, fast, squeaky toys that must be caught. I’ve had to keep up with their attempts to dig nests in the back yard (inside the fence!) — filling them in as I find them — before the bunnies fill them with babies. The last two years, they have made nests in the back yard and both times Leo found them and…uhh… “munched” the babies. (meaning chewed until they don’t squeak anymore and then spit them out all over the yard in a sporadic pattern) You would think the bunnies would remember this and build their nest outside the fence line, but they are a stubborn bunch.


Leo chases them when he can but mostly watches and whines from behind glass while the bunnies enjoy a dog-free all you can eat buffet.

dog-sees-bunny front-porch-in-spring

While Leo enjoys his bunny watching, lets check out the porch. Since the weather is warming up, the indoor plants have moved outside…which makes the normally bare porch feel more “decorated” and inviting…

plants-out-front retro-plant-stand

I also found the time, dirt and flowers (coral impatiens) to fill that cool retro wire planter stand that I recently picked up.


Lookin’ good to me! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to keep the peace between Leo and the bunny trio…



  1. My naughty terrier’s favorite delicacy is baby bunny. You would think they wouldn’t come into the yard with the terrier and go next door where the seniors who never go outside live, but nooooooo.

  2. I love bunnies but we have three cats, one of whom is an accomplished huntress. Sadly, the bunnies and chipmunks have left our yard. They’ll hang-out in the neighbors’ yards but have largely learned to stay out of ours. Honestly, I guess that’s okay because it keeps them out of my garden but they’re so cute!!

  3. We have two standard poodle boys who are almost two years old. They go crazy when they see the bunnies in our yard. Nothing has happened so far but i do not understand why they have chosen such a potentially dangerous yard to hang out in. When the bunnies see my boys barking and acting crazy they just calmly look at them and continue to munch. I have just found the hole digging in my raised vegetable beds. EEK No babies please!

    • The three bunnies have been running around the house all day long teasing poor Leo. I hope they stay out of the back yard, because if he catches them, their dog taunting days will be over…

  4. I am not so keen on the bunnies, myself. One year they ate the lilies. The next year they ate the hostas. Another year they mowed down some gorgeous perennial geraniums in mere hours. Some neighbors moved into the area who let their not-declawed cats roam, and I’m grateful for a little population control!

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