Remember a while back when I decided to dress up Leo?


Well apparently the urge to make your dog wear a hat runs in the family. That’s my Mom (on the right) back in 1962 with her dog Daisy — who was forced to wear a hat for the picture. I’m sure there were treats involved.


There’s the happy duo again a few years later in 1970, with Daisy modeling a fashionable winter hat this time.

Now I know where I get both my love of dogs and the irresistible urge to dress them up…



8 thoughts on “DOGS WEARING HATS…

  1. Hi Kate! What’s that saying? Like mother like daughter!! You look alot like your mother did back in the day! And, you have to most patient pets ever!! Good luck with the bathroom reno…

  2. Love this post! 🙂 Our doggies sure are cute with hats. I think Leo is over the top with the yellow rain boots. LOVE IT!!

  3. Your dog looks so much like my long-ago dog, Jeff…he was my best friend as a teen and I missed him so much when I moved away & knowing nobody was gonna love him & play with him like I did…I’m tearing up now, still breaks my heart… and its been 30 yrs…best to remember the good times, right? I have funny pics of Jeff dressed in my hat, shirt and glasses.

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