During the demo of my 1962 master bathroom, I unearthed a mini time capsule of sorts. A few local papers from 1959 and 1960. They were in tatters, so I quickly rescued them so I could photograph them before they fell a part and were lost forever. After being under the shower pan all these years, they were in surprisingly good shape, but were still kinda yucky and a bit brittle.


It was fun to look through them and see a little about what was going on in the world when they were building the Retro Ranch. Apparently the local freeway system was just being built…


…and if you had a new car, it might look something like this…


…looks like some things haven’t changed a bit…


…this is an interesting article…


Some things were very different….


…these days they no longer list the “help wanted” ads separated by gender…

help-wanted-female-1960 1960s-secretary-ad-paper

…though the role of secretary is still predominately filled by women…


Too bad you can’t still buy furniture this cool for $59.88 unless you get really lucky at an estate sale or the thrift store…


Heck this awesome looking retro chair is only $1 with purchase — or $12.88 separately. Now that’s a bargain!

There can be many surprises during demo, and luckily this was one of the happy ones — a quick step back into 1960.

Have you ever found a time capsule in your house? I’m thinking about making a small one to leave in the wall for someone to find in about 50 more years…




14 thoughts on “A BIT OF HISTORY…

  1. Loved this! I wish I could have seen the salaries for the secretary jobs! lol
    PS—> i DID purchase a chair similar to those shown at $59.88…mine cost $50. Yay me! lol

  2. I love these ads; they’re just fab. Looking through some 1960s Better Homes & Gardens, I came across one for an entire set of Kitchen cabinets (the metal ones) starting at $10 a month–in any color that you wanted (assuming the standard colors: blue, pink, white, etc)
    Unfortunately, these ads are always so deceptive to us now. “A chair for $1!” wow!

    According to http://www.measuringworth.com/uscompare/relativevalue.php–

    In 2012, the relative value of $1.00 from 1960….is $7.75.

    But still a new chair for $7 is a good value anywhere!

  3. Fun to see! Thanks for sharing. Definitely leave your own capsule for the next person to work on the house to find. I remember someone saying that they found a note when renovating a bathroom – addressed to “the next poor sucker that has to work on this house”.

  4. So fun! We also found newspapers in our house- they were insulating the wall that housed the dryer vent! They were tinder-dry, but I was able to salvage them. I loved that there were real estate listings for new-construction houses in our neighborhood (which I passed along to one of the current owners of one of the listings.) I framed one editorial and hung it in our laundry room- it’s a great conversation starter for anyone that happens to go in there.
    Can you frame any of yours for your new bathroom?

    • Aww that is neat Wendy M. — ours were all pretty ripped and there wasn’t anything that jumped out at me as frame worthy…but a good idea! If I would have found real estate listings for new houses, I would have kept those for sure!

  5. Cool to read those..the year I was born. I still remember job ads for Girl Friday…I wonder when that disappeared.
    Haven’t found any time capsule stuff but one time we were renting our in-laws house years ago and I wanted to fix up the bathroom. We took off the huge wall mirror and found a big old hole! We then saw a piece of paper and opened to read in my MIL’s handwriting “to the next owners, so sorry we didn’t get a chance to fix the hole from the medicine cabinet”..ha, ha.

  6. I have a bunch of papers my grandmother saved from the week Kennedy was assassinated. Outside of the tragedy on the front pages, the rest of them are very cool to read.

    I’m glad that the Wisconsin department of motor vehicles was able to educate everyone so effectively and prevented everyone from dying. ๐Ÿ™‚

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