Well, after all of this talk about gutting our master bathroom and starting over to build the most glorious retro modern pink master bathroom ever — it has begun. This photo was taken at the end of day one. Yes, I said day one. It took adorable husband Jim and I two days to dismantle this bathroom. It did not go quietly (my muscles are still screaming, “what were you thinking?”) and I kept asking my house why it did not want to let go of this bathroom, but in the end…it did.

Highlights of the demo:

  • Day 1 we were able to remove the vanity, fixtures and walls
  • Day 2 came the ceiling and cemented floor
  • We totally filled one Bagster (which has been picked up already) and there is still more debris in the garage
  • It took two more days before I could lift my arms above my head again
  • Did I mention we had a heat wave and the temperature jumped from 60 to 80 degrees both days?
  • I’m so glad I could shovel some of the concrete out of the tiny window and into a wheelbarrow instead of having to bag it and carry it out. That stuff gets heavy, fast!
  • It was a dirty, exhausting job
  • I called my dad twice for advice
  • I’ve already donated one car load to my local Habitat for Humanity Restore and still have at least one more load to donate.
  • I broke 1 hammer
  • I love my saw-zall
  • At the end of day 2, as Jim and I sat, exhausted, sore, dirty and hungry I asked him if he regretted marrying a DIY girl that made him help with the big projects like two days of concrete-encased bathroom demo and he said no. He’s a keeper.

I’ll be covering the bulk of putting the bathroom back together over on Retro Renovation — but I’ll still post a tidbit or two over here with a link to the coverage on RR. Now, most of my spare time will be spent trying to put this baby back together. I’ve got a garage full of pink tiles, shiny vintage chrome decor all polished and ready to go, and enough determination to stick with this until it is the pretty pink potty palace I’ve been pining for. Say that five times fast.

Stay tuned!


23 thoughts on “IT HAS BEGUN…

  1. That wall of concrete blocks looks like the back of your fireplace! Wow, what a job. You’ve really done it THIS time! LOL!!!

  2. I’ll join in the chorus of WOW …. and I too noticed some of that beautiful stone from your fireplace (with pink in it!) peeking through. Didn’t expect to see that! I can only imagine what it looks like w/o the ceiling. I know that was a yucky and dirty job getting the insulation and stuff out. I also say HANG IN THERE. Go Kate! 🙂

  3. High drama to ensue! Nothing like gutting and rebuilding a bathroom to get your blog-followers’ juices flowing. It’s totally fun to sit on our duffs and read all about your hard work ; )

  4. It looks great. We just finished our master bath redo so I feel your pain! It’s a lot of hard labor, but when its done you’ll be so happy!

    • I’m gravitating towards an “atomic” theme…lots of starbursts, chrome and pink. Perhaps a flamingo or poodle could come along down the line, but for now the theme is “pink retro modern bathroom” hehe…there will be plenty of time for decorating after the bathroom has walls, a floor, a ceiling and working plumbing, right? 😉

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  6. Nice to see that you have such a well built home. 16″ on center and full dimensional lumber. Too bad the new ones are not built like that.

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