A few weeks ago, I took my yearly trip to visit Mom and Dad down in Tennessee. I had another wonderful trip this year — though I didn’t find any vintage goodies at the antique stores we visited — you can’t always strike gold, right? Still always fun to look. Instead of trying to hit up more antique malls, Mom, Dad and I decided to spend some quality time together outside in the nice weather — just what I needed after a long Wisconsin winter. We spent a day visiting Cheekwood Gardens — a huge historic estate with beautiful gardens and art displays in the main house. They were setting up the grounds for some sort of fiberoptic light show that unfortunately didn’t open until after I was out of town (boo!) but even seeing it in the daytime was neat. Above is the Cheekwood Mansion — surrounded with tons of tiny fiberoptic orbs on sticks.


Mom really liked hiding behind these stacks of soda bottles, filled with fiber optic wires and water then popping out to say hello…


The grounds were immaculate. I really liked this shallow pool next to the house…


…another favorite — this giant trellis with huge vines growing over it to provide shade and a secret garden feeling.


Mom and I posed for a few photos together…


… so there you have it — for those of you who wanted to see a recent picture of Mom and I together to compare to some of our older family photos.


…and here I am, dreaming that someday my yard would look as nice as this!


The main house was covered with railings and window grates made from beautiful decorative ironwork…


…then we followed a path out the back and found a Japanese garden!


Dad and I posed in the bamboo for scale purposes…


Another favorite part of my trip was the pontoon boat ride. I don’t often get the chance to ride boats — and when I do, usually my adorable husband Jim will not come with me because he claims to get seasick. I have not tested this theory yet (I don’t want to push it!) but Jim was glad to be home with Leo instead of on the boat with us. Me on the other hand — bring on the boat!

Last year we took the huge house boat tour, which was unbelievable. This year we went the opposite way down the river on the sunset cruise…


There were ginormous rock ledges along the river that were amazing. They looked as if someone had let paint drip down the sides and make all sorts of interesting patterns. We also saw several blue herons — if you look closely, you might spot one in the photo above…


I’m not usually one to say that a power plant is pretty, but the way this one reflected in the water did make me want to take a photo. The tour boat captain said it was made in the 1950s — so there you go — a bit of retro…


Of course all good things must come to an end — but at least my trip to Tennessee ended with a beautiful sunset on the water.

Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting me for another enjoyable trip! See you at Christmas in July at my place!




  1. We enjoyed your visit, as we always do. Nice pictures! Christmas in July will be here before we know it … looking forward to seeing you and Jim, Leo, Milton and Phil again …. and the new pink master bathroom! Go Kate! 🙂

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