I have to admit — I like a cocktail every now and then — but it has been a while since I’ve actually done shots. All that aside, when I saw this cute little shot glass caddy with polka dot glasses at my local antique mall, I knew it had to come live with me.


Sadly, it only has 5 matching glasses — and one of those has a chip on the rim, so it shouldn’t be used — but the polka dots totally make up for that, right? The shot glasses are also more narrow than your average shot glass, so finding a few replacements might be difficult. I’ll have to keep an eye out on Ebay, Etsy and at yard sales this summer.


I was thinking — if I could find two more glasses that were this size, the set wouldn’t look too strange. Maybe if I find glasses the color of one of the polka dots they would look like an intentional mismatched set — red, yellow, clear?


Even if I can’t find another shot glass or two for this set, I still enjoy its retro appeal. The set fits nicely in the glass cupboard side of my Broyhill Brasilia dining room hutch — looks like it found a home with me.




  1. Another idea is to replace the missing and the chipped glasses with those airline sized miniature bottles of your favorite liquor. Or, ones in complimentary colors. At least until you find the right glasses!

  2. Call a high end jewelry store or someplace that sells china and crystal. They will probably know of someone who can buff the chip out of the rim.

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