I recently scored this retro wire decorative bowl at an antique shop. I like the flower shape of it, but I’m not sure what to fill it with. Any ideas?


There is some chipped gold areas, so I may repaint it too — maybe black? Maybe white?


For now it is sitting on my end table in the den, next to my retro radio and my favorite lamp.




  1. It’s a pretty design maybe it doesn’t need anything in it. I also love your gold plant holder. I found a mc chipped & faded gold plated phone or record stand that I spray painted gold. It looks better but the shade/sheen doesn’t look exactly like the original gold…maybe, there is gold plating spray out there.

  2. I like Chris’ ideas for what to put in it. As for the finish – maybe you could just touch up the chipped areas, rather than respray the whole thing. I’d give that a try first, as I like it in the gold. Maybe Rub-n-Buff would work. If not, perhaps spray it a bright cheery color. I’ve seen several pieces of vintage wire & mesh patio furniture pictured in bright red, orange or blue on the web recently.

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