A few weekends ago one of my best friends was in town for a visit. While the mid century bug hasn’t quite bitten her — she does love to go to yard sales, thrift shops and antique malls — so we always make it a point to spend part of our visit out looking for new old bargains. Since she is not into the same style of vintage goods as I am — we never fight over who saw anything first — making for enjoyable and leisurely vintage shopping and an overall good time together.


On this particular trip to one of my favorite antique malls in the area, I happened to spot this fantastic brass plant stand — it even has a convenient carry handle!


If the handle didn’t sell you — those atomic hairpin tripod legs might…


Or the fact that it has enough rings to hold 10 4″ clay pots…


Apparently it is not impressing Leo much — but I love it.


It just so happened that Menards was having a sale on flower pots the same weekend — so I picked up 9 terra cotta pots to fill up the planter. The tenth spot is hard to reach (in the center of the base) and I like groupings of odd numbers, so I decided to skip it for now.



I’m planning to put this on my front porch (even though I’m photographing it in the Tiki Lounge) because our front porch gets more light to make plants happy, everyone will be able to see and enjoy it from the street, and our front porch is not really big enough to put a chair or anything else on it so this plant stand will help dress up the porch for summer while only taking up a little bit of floor space.

Now all I have to do is figure out what to plant in the pots — maybe a mix of colorful flowers and vines? I’m open to suggestions! The front porch is shaded until after noon and then it gets full sun. Bonus points to anyone who can suggest orange and pink flower varieties — my favorite!



  1. I just planted all my snap dragons and geraniums… and we have a frost warning. Enjoy the planter! It’s wonderful!

  2. Love the planter! Gerber daisies would look nice. I put fake succulents in my front porch planter. Shame on me. Anyway, tiki lounge looking good!

  3. I have that same plant stand, with all of the original pots! Mine is painted black though. The pots are cream colored pottery.
    Yours will look great on the porch! I would suggest coral/ salmon and pink impatiens. They even come double ruffled, like little roses 🙂 They love a little shade during the day and need to be watered well when it is hot.

  4. Yes, impatiens are a good suggestion. They do well in a mixed-sun environment and come in a big variety of colors. I planted some New Guinea impatiens this year, which have a nice deep green leaf and super vibrant blooms. My son chose ‘atomic orange’ and ‘atomic fuchsia’, so that might be right up your alley 😉

  5. Love the planter… It would be great on my front porch too! I like pansies, they fill in and kind of crawl. I find they don’t need as much watering as impatiens but that may only be an issue in Florida. Can’t wait to see the pictures of whatever you decide.

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  7. I was interest in what you paided for the plant stand. I came across the same one but it came with the original 10 pink flower pots with fake small flowers. I paided $5, I love it.

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