During my last trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I found this vintage Expan-Tite adjustable rod holder — to use for my soon to begin master bath remodel. I know I haven’t mentioned much about my master bath remodel on my blog — I’ve been keeping most of my master bath related posts on Retro Renovation — and honestly, lately there hasn’t been too much going on that makes for an exciting post. To give you guys an update — I have all my contractors lined up (for the stuff I don’t feel comfortable attempting myself), building permit is in my hand, B&W pink tiles are ordered and I’m hoping to start the demo in just over two weeks. Yikes right?

vintage shower curtain rod holder

Anyway, back to the rod holder. It seems to be in NOS condition — perfect for a mid century modern bathroom remodel! All I have to do is find the right diameter rod — maybe something like this shower rod from Home Depot?


Even if this vintage rod holder didn’t come with a rod — at least the installation instructions are printed on the box — and I just love the vintage packaging, don’t  you?



  1. I just painted my yellow and black tile bath last weekend and my spring mount – adjustable type rod always seems a pain and tends to dig in and slide and then mess with the paint – I was thinking of replacing it with a new fixed rod. I saw a Moen rod I might order that looks sort of like this. The rod is solid and it is not a spring mount, but it appears to twist to tighten on the end cap piece against the wall.

    • I’m also considering a fixed rod, but these ends are not spring loaded. One end tightens on the screw to put pressure against the rod and hold it in place. Not sure if it will stay put or not, but I’m considering giving it a try!

  2. I think a matching finish with your sink cabinet and a polyurethane finish would look good and stand up to water.

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