I come from a family full of “car guys” — my Dad always enjoyed car shows, driving cars, fixing cars and watching car races — basically he was game for anything car related. If I had to guess, I would say Dad is most fond of vintage cars from the 1940s and 1950s — one of his favorites being the 1957 Chevy. The other thing my Dad loves is a good chuckle — so when I saw this vintage ’57 Chevy toilet paper holder — I knew it would be the perfect birthday gift for the car guy with a sense of humor who has everything — everything except the most unique toilet paper holder I’ve ever seen. (Yes, Mom and Dad have birthdays only a few weeks apart!)


The ’57 Chevy TP holder also reminded me of the car couches that we saw in Disney World when we were there in 1989 — yup that’s my Dad and I — and my little brother — sitting on a larger and very similar (pink!) back end of a car couch in a car themed restaurant.


This TP holder is pretty funny — you mount the roll of TP on the axel between the wheels and it hangs down just under the bumper, where there is a little piece of jagged metal to help tear off the paper…


…if you need to check how much TP is left on the roll — all you have to do is open the trunk and take a peek!


The verdict — Dad LOVED this gift. He said he and Mom just laughed and laughed for quite a while — exactly what I was hoping for. It was definitely something he never knew he wanted — but now that he has it — it makes a great addition to his car memorabilia collection. Even more fitting — this TP holder isn’t going in the bathroom, but in the garage on the wall next to his collection of tin signs, license plates, clocks and thermometers — to act as a tissue dispenser in case he needs to blow his nose while working in the garage. Perfect!

Happy Birthday Dad!



14 thoughts on “THE PERFECT GIFT FOR DAD…

  1. HI Kate! I LOVE that…what a fun Idea and it’s the perfect retro color! I’m sure Bob will enjoy having a runny nose now!

  2. Dad hung it in the garage last night next to the phone and the door into the house. Hilarious! Ever since seeing those car couches at Disneyland I wanted one for our house. Guess it wouldn’t work so well in this TN home, so the TP holder is the next best thing! LOL 🙂 We’re still laughing!

  3. Too funny! And, cute. Love those vintage cars…I always say I want an aqua ’50s car…I see one driving around here from time to time that makes me smile.

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