It all started with one trip to the local tiki bar — I brought home one “souvenir” mug and then the floodgates opened. I’ve started a tiki mug collection. Possibly the funniest thing about my little collection is that I managed to “accidentally” buy the same vintage Westwood tiki mugs that I bought about a month ago again — only this time in miniature. It was a happy accident for sure.


I saw the Ebay listing for these little guys about 2 weeks after my full sized mugs arrived. Without realizing it — I bid on them and won — and it was only when they arrived and were displayed right next to the big ones that I realized they were related! Mama and baby of each face — and I absolutely love them!

small-and-large-green-vintage-westwood-tiki-mugs big-and-small-green-westwood-vintage-tiki-mug large-and-small-smiling-vintage-westwood-tiki-mugs

This smiling mug is my favorite of the bunch — though I love them all — because he is just so happy. They make me giggle every time I look in their direction.


Now that I have a whole family of tiki mugs — and my shelf is full — I’ll have to pause my mug collecting for a while. Someday I hope to have a proper tiki bar in the basement to display a larger collection, but for now — or until my next trip to the tiki bar — this amount will do.

Have you started any collections lately?



11 thoughts on “TINY TIKIS

  1. Very cute! Love the mom and baby tikis together. My fav is also the smiling orange one … anytime you look at it it would certainly bring a smile to your face as well. 🙂

  2. If you are ever in California you will have to visit Trader Sam’s at Disneyland (outside of the park). They have many signature drinks that come with a souvenier tiki mug or cup. It is a very fun place!

  3. I myself had a Tiki collection along with a 1960’s Tiki bar. I should send you a pic. Thanks for sharing your collection, love it.

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