Since I’ve been on an old photo sharing kick lately and Mom’s birthday is this week — here’s another one — Mom and I circa 1983 at Nana and Bob’s house. We make such a cute couple.

My Mom will get the unique spelling of the birthday message in the title of this post right away — she’s been a fan of Sandra Boynton as long as I can remember. One of the reasons my Mom likes Sandra Boynton so much — other than her silly sense of humor — is her excessive use of hippos. Mom has always been a collector of hippopotamus stuff — which I suppose is unusual. When I was growing up, we even had a “hippo bathroom.” Every square inch of this bathroom was decorated with hippos — complete with a copy of Boynton’s book, But not the Hippopotamus as bathroom reading material.


So when I saw these adorable vintage green (Mom’s favorite color) hippo salt and pepper shakers — I knew I had found her the perfect birthday gift.


Mom unwrapped them while she was on the phone with me — when I called her to sing happy birthday — and she was absolutely thrilled.


Happy Birthday Mom!



17 thoughts on “HIPPO BIRDY TWO EWE…

  1. Love seeing the memory lane pictures …. we were so cute together back then. 🙂 thanks for the BD wishes and the adorable green hippos to add to my collection. Love them … and you! Always, Mom

  2. Does your mom sing “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, only a hippopotamus will do” at Christmas time? For some reason, this post has me singing it! Sweet hippos!

    • Aww thanks! All my life people have been saying that I look like my Mom — what’s more astounding though is that we sound very alike. When I was a teenager, I used to answer the phone and people would just think it was my Mom and start telling her their life story right away and I would have to stop them and say, no this is her daughter Kate. 🙂

  3. Your mom and my MIL could be one and the same…hippo collector and lover of all things green. But, since retirement a few years ago she has been thinning out her “hippo everything” collection..which makes it harder to find gifts now since cool hippo things could always be found. I know she still has the wooden hippo plunger in the bathroom, ha ha.

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