Christmas 1966

Well — it happened again — I found yet another photo of my Mom, Nana and Uncle sitting next to yet another very familiar looking chair…

retro green chair

…Nana’s chair appears to be a cousin of my green chair in the guest room. Amazing!

Note: For anyone wondering the make and model of my green chair — the tag says: “Steinhafels Fine Furniture — Milwaukee, Wisconsin” and it was given to me (along with a matching chair with a shorter back — currently in the master bedroom) from family friends who purchased them new back in the 1960s.


12 thoughts on “ANOTHER COINCIDENCE…

  1. How cool that is! I love the vintage photo! The arms don’t look like they flair out at the front (although it could be the darkness of the photo) as much on the chair with your mom next to it (who must be about my age or slightly older – I was 10 in 1966) as they do on your chair. But otherwise, it’s a dead ringer! I almost thought it was like my favorite family chair until I read your note on the tag – my label says Broyhill Premier.
    By the way, was your chair reupholstered or is that original fabric? Someday, my Broyhill will have to be reupholstered. All the fabric except under the cushion is quite faded, the arms are worn in places down to the wood and one of its nine tufting buttons on the back is missing. I blame it on generations of dogs and cats who lovingly slept and lived in that chair after it was ousted from the living room and relegated first to the family room then a bedroom. I just hope I can find the right fabric (and I want to make sure the upholsterer saves and reattaches the label)!

    • Nope, my chair(s) still have the original fabric on them. It is faded a bit too, but still in great shape overall. One of the chairs could use a new foam cushion in the seat, but otherwise the slight fading is the only wear on them. 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how many coinkydinks there are in your home. I wish I could easily find (and afford) some of the furniture I remember from childhood. Not long ago I came across a photo from my mom’s estate of her holding me as a newborn…a photo I don’t remember seeing before. In it is a fabulous yellow and gold MCM lamp with awesome square-ish fiberglass shade with gold swirls, atomic starburst drapes behind us and the black laquer/formica end table! Oh, how I wish I had those all…I don’t recall the lamp at all, and vaguely recall the drapes, but the end tables were with us all thru my childhood.

    • That sounds like an awesome lamp Tammy — I realize how lucky I am to have much of my furniture passed down to me from family or given to me by family friends who have heard about how much I enjoy retro furnishings. 🙂

  3. Hi Kate. I discovered your blog through Pinterest as I am in my second year of having my own garden, but my first year of doing raised beds out of cinder blocks. Your garden looks great…And last year was a tough one (I’m in central Illinois so we felt the drought too). Just wanted to say that even though retro 50’s-60’s isn’t my thing, you pull it off fabulously! Oh, and I think if I shared a picture of our dog Barkley you would agree that he and your Leo are close cousins. Barkley is a border collie/lab mix and I swear they have the exact same faces! Too funny!

    • Last year was a tough year Malla — I’m hoping for more rain this summer for the garden — We’ve certainly been having a wet spring! Barkley sounds adorable! I’m sure he and Leo would be buddies! Thanks for stopping by… 🙂

    • The screen was made of mahogany in Okinawa – a special order by my father (Kate’s beloved grandfather) in 1958 or 1959 while he was stationed there as a US Marine. He shipped it back to the States on his return. It graced many locations over the years and now belongs to me, Kate’s Mom. It is beautiful …. but I remember having to dust it as a kid … and now I am back to that. 🙂

      • Thanks Mid Century Mom! I knew it was something Bob got in Okinawa, but didn’t realize he had it made especially or that it is mahogany! Hopefully it is worth all that dusting! I think it is! 😉

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