We have a bit of a muddy mess on our hands — but we are happy. Why is that? Well for starters, there are no more stumps from the giant, oddly shaped and out of control pine trees in our yard — the “stump guys” who live near our house were in the neighborhood looking for jobs and we hired them to remove our stumps for cheap.


The other reason we are so happy — the guys who took out our stumps are no longer stuck in our yard. Yes — we had a regular stumptastrophie over the weekend. The ground is starting to thaw, but only about the first foot is completely unfrozen — which quickly becomes a layer of  super squishy mud “frosting” when any kind of weight is applied to the surface. That means — lightweight pickup trucks towing stump grinders get stuck pretty easy. Jim and I — who were high and dry inside relaxing — heard the commotion and realized the stump guys were stuck in the mud. One of them ran over to get our neighbor to help push the truck out — and Jim went out to help. Unfortunately the only action that happened with three guys pushing and one driving was that the tailgate fell off the truck.  Then I was enlisted to drive the truck while all four guys pushed — which ended in defeat as well. As the rain poured down and the mud got worse and the duct tape that was probably the only thing holding the bumper of the truck on started to loosen — the lead stumper guy suggested that we use my car to pull his truck out of the mud. This made me beyond nervous — but having a duct tape truck and a stumper permanently sunk in my side yard didn’t sound like a better idea — so I reluctantly agreed. As they crawled under the car to hook up the rope, I mouthed the words, “You get what you pay for!” to Jim — who stood in the pouring rain. Luckily, my little car gave just enough of a pull to get the truck loose and soon the stump guys were on their way, the stumps were gone and Jim and I stood, soaked and covered in mud laughing about the whole adventure.


Now I have a lot of pine needles to rake up…


…and a blank slate for a side yard. Hurrah!

Now to come up with a plan before the spring crop of weeds starts to sprout!



12 thoughts on “STUMPTASTROPHIE!

  1. WOW! Looks SO MUCH better without those goofy pine trees! Yay for a blank slate … and oh boy, gardening!!!! 🙂

    • Yes — the blank slate will now be fun to work on…I keep looking at the old photos of what the space looked like three years ago (you couldn’t even SEE the mailbox) and am now starting to feel like some amount of control is returning. Now I can add things gradually to create a much nicer looking side yard! I know you’ll be excited to help since you love to garden so much… 😉

  2. I agree! It does look a lot better without those pine trees. I remember them from your ‘before’ pictures. Blank slates are a lot of fun 😉 I did have to laugh at the image of you driving the truck with four guys pushing, tailgates falling off, etc., though. Yes, you do get what you pay for, ha ha. At least it’s over!! (Nothing is ever easy! We’ve found that out more than once, ourselves.)

  3. Oh my! It’s sounds like random guys rented a stump grinder and drove around trying to make money! Lol glad your car didn’t get damaged, I would have made them call a tow truck at their expense.

    • yeah, they aren’t just random guys — the did some stumps for us a few years ago. I think they own the grinder and just try to make extra money on the side. It was a fiasco — that’s for sure!

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