Oh Leo, I’m not bored — I’m just trying to have a little fun — since all I’ve been doing lately is vacuuming your winter coat off the floor. You have gotten quite talented at making sure to shed your black fur on white carpet and your white fur everywhere else…


And since big dogs can wear people clothes — I thought you’d like to try on some scarves, and hats and glasses…you know, for fun…

leo-is-eccentric leo-eccentric

Well, you are my dog…Β 

Do you know what would go great with those boots?


A rain hat!


Seriously though, Leo is quite possibly the best dog ever — he lets me dress him in ridiculous outfits (for short amounts of time) so I can take photos and giggle and then give him treats. I know this time of year — when Leo is shedding and I find fur EVERYWHERE — that I sometimes I start to lose my mind and wonder why I have a dog…but then he lays by my feet while I’m working, we eat lunch together, go for walks and yes — even play dress up — and I realize that dealing with the annual onslaught of fur tumbleweeds is totally worth it…


…because Leo is the most awesome, funniest, craziest, silliest, most loyal and furriest k-9 best friend ever.


16 thoughts on “DRESSING UP THE DOG…

  1. TOO FUNNY!!! Leo is such a good sport about you putting hats and scarves on him … and the boots! Ha! What a good dog and silly owner. You guys have so much fun together – thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  2. Always love to see Leo again! What a lucky person you are that Leo picked you to own. He actually manages you quite well.

    Way to go Leo! And his human, Kate!

  3. This is a great post. Not only is Leo so cute (and grumpy!) all dressed up but it’s a great reminder of that amazing bond that can exist between a pet and his human. Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me because I love my dogs SO MUCH but then I see things like this and it reassures me that other people experience those little moments when your pet’s love just pierces right through your soul. Cheesy I know! (But true). Anyways . . . love that Leo. Cheers – CT

    • Aww thanks CT — I agree, maybe some think I’m nuts for loving a dog so much, but he is like my kid! Of course it is easy to love him so much when he has such a big personality, cute appearance and loving, loyal tendencies. πŸ™‚

  4. Those pictures of Leo dressed up remind me so much of my long ago dog (best friend) when I was a teen…he let me dress him up just like that in my glasses, a flannel shirt and a kerchief. He was even black and white and looked similiar.
    I hear ya about the dog hair…we have 2 dogs and one is super hairy. Just bought yet another vacuum hoping it holds up to the abundant fur…ugh.

    • Awww how cute. I hope you have pictures of your dressed up doggie.

      I have been through several vacuums since we adopted Leo. After two Bissels that didn’t stand up to the fur, I got myself the Dyson Animal and so far, so great! πŸ˜‰

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