The blahs are hitting hard here at the Retro Ranch — after Tuesday blizzards for the last two weeks, the temp has now risen enough to turn all further precipitation to rain. The yard has morphed into some sort of disgusting cocktail and the air is as thick as pea soup (fog). Like every March, Leo has started to molt — leaving large clumps of white fluff everywhere he goes — making it look like there is snow inside as well as out. Combine that with the “spring ahead” time change and this weekend was looking dismal. In an attempt to cheer ourselves up, Jim and I took a trip down to Chicago to visit with his family and friends. It was great to get out of the house and take a mini road trip. On the way home, we ran into IKEA — where all the spring and summer stuff has just hit the shelves. Of course our quick trip to pick up one $4 thing turned into Jim and I staggering towards the checkout with our arms full. Darn you, IKEA!

I picked up the haul above — starting with the colorful pear table runner (that badly needs to be ironed).


There were matching pear glasses that tempted me — until I saw these flamingo glasses.


It will be fun to sip a cocktail out of these in the Tiki Lounge this summer…LED-string-lights-IKEA

Also for the Tiki Lounge — these LED string ball lights — that they were blowing out for 50% off — what a deal!


They will be great replacements for the cafe style lights that we currently hang from the ceiling in the Tiki Lounge.


Another fun find for the Tiki Lounge, these mini half circle lights (the size of tea lights). They have a little on/off switch on the bottom and will look very cool lighting up the table top, plants and wherever else I decide to hide them.


I like them so much, I might have to get a few more packages. One of the items we originally were looking for was the larger, solar powered version of these — but alas — they didn’t seem to have any in stock. We will just have to go back next time then, right?


Lastly, I found these orange blankets and instantly had an idea…


While I am searching for vintage fabric to reupholster my great grandmother’s couches, these blankets will help make them look a little less yucky.


It also gives me an idea of what the couches would look like if I used an orange fabric to reupholster them. Hmmmm….


I know they are far from perfect — but this $20 band aid makes them much more livable until I find the right fabric and teach myself how to reupholster a couch.

Anyone else have a case of the winter blahs? What have you been doing to try to beat them?



  1. Once again I am green (orange?) with envy at your curtain panels. They no longer are available in that color and I lust after them every time you post!

  2. My mother-in-law is taking me to IKEA for my birthday and that pear table runner is on my wish list! In fact, I just posted about that yesterday. I’m glad to see it in it’s entirety in your photo and I really like it. I didn’t know about the matching glasses, though… Hmmm… I like the flamingoes, too, and they will look perfect in your Tiki lounge this summer.

    P.S. I feel you on the weather. We had the same snow storm last week that turned to rain over the weekend and now everything is just mush. It’s also very gray. And, yes, our cats are leaving clumps of fur everywhere, too, especially our long-hair appropriately named “Fluffy”.

    • Ikea for your birthday sounds amazing! The pear runner is very cool — will look better after a good ironing, but still! Have fun!

      Too funny that your cat, “Fluffy” is leaving fur balls all around the house! 🙂

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