SHAG Josh Agle Nosy Neighbors print

Those are our new neighbors Leo…


Oh Leo, you are so funny — of course I didn’t use your treat allowance….

I did however, splurge and buy myself one of my favorite artist’s newest prints — called The Nosy Neighbors. Yup, now I am the proud owner of two Shag (Josh Agle) prints.ย Please forgive the terrible lighting — I finally got the frame (ordered fromย assembled and just finished hanging up the print. I was too excited to wait until tomorrow to share this with you all — so the photos are a little dark.

SHAG Josh Agle Nosy Neighbors print

I told myself that the Shag print that we have in our den — The Heavenly Hosts — which I purchased a few years ago when I met Shag at a gallery in Chicago — was going to be the only Shag print I bought unless some very specific criteria was met. Shag prints are not cheap! I subscribe to Shag’s email newsletter — which alerts subscribers when a new print is released because they often sell out quickly. Over the last few years there were many cool print alerts in my inbox, but none were “the one” until now.

My criteria for allowing myself to purchase another Shag print:

  • Has to have warm colors — orange, red, pink, limey green
  • Has to show the exterior of a mid century house
  • Has to have people in it
  • Bonus points for cars and animals

…so when I saw the email for the release of “The Nosy Neighbors” — all the buzzers went off! I started getting nervous that it would sell out and also about making another big art purchase. A quick email to my adorable husband Jim confirmed that I should pull the trigger….(did I mention I love that Jim doesn’t resist me when I ask him if we can buy art — gotta love that!)

SHAG Josh Agle Nosy Neighbors print

And now here it is — filling the long empty void on my living room wall! Oddly enough, the orange in the print seems to be a near match to my wall color. I’m not yet sure if this is a good thing or not. I suppose I can always repaint if necessary.

SHAG Josh Agle Nosy Neighbors print

My Mom seems to think that if Leo was a brown dog, and Jim and I lived in Palm Springs, we could pass for the couple on the left of the print. I really don’t think I could get Jim to wear that outfit and I’m quite sure that I am not thin enough to be that woman, but living in Palm Springs? We can all dream right?

SHAG Josh Agle Nosy Neighbors print

In that case, is our Nosy Neighbor Shag himself? Looks kinda like him!

Hanging this sunny, mid century, amazing print on the wall was an excellent distraction from our second blizzard in two weeks. Right about now, a little Palm Springs sounds fantastic, don’t you think?


22 thoughts on “NEW NEIGHBORS

  1. WOW … that is absolutely, positively FABULOUS and PERFECTO in that spot in your living room! Saw it before the framing, but now …. WOW! ๐Ÿ™‚ It just fills up that space on your wall perfectly! I’m betting you are spending a LOT of time in the living room just staring at it and smiling from ear to ear. Love it! So happy and glad you bought it.

  2. Greetings Kate! Your mom shared this exciting event with me & I am delighted that you got the FABULOUS Shag print! Do NOT repaint your walls…I think Mr. Shag has been following your blog and took his inspiration from you! You must be his muse!! Congrats and thanks for the oh so cool logo you did for your mom & me and our new adventure!!

  3. I love Shag, but the prices, yikes! So, because of that we started collecting the lower price point but similar in style to Shag, Derek Art. We’ve found a couple of his prints on They’re signed and numbered and will look great in our tiki-ish tv room! (Still jealous of your Shags, though!)

    • Actually, I forgot, we do have one Shag…but it was a cigarette company promotional poster and even though it’s been framed for years, it still has creases in it. And, I’m pretty sure all of our friends have the same poster! At least it doesn’t have any promotional gibberish on it! (I’d post a pic, but I don’t see it online anywhere.)

    • I have heard of Derek Art before — he partnered with Barnes & Noble to design a series of puzzles featuring his art a few years ago and I have several of them. I’ve been keeping and eye on his prints too — when I see the right one I’ll have to add it to my art collection! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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