The glass light fixture cover in the guest room might be original to the house — I’m not quite sure. I’ve never been a fan of it though — the “wheat” motif seems a little too country for my decorating. Okay, maybe it isn’t that country, but whenever I look at it, I think about a cowboy with one of those wheat bits in his mouth. Not exactly what I want to think about in my mid century modern ranch house.


Since last year when I finally got around to painting and decorating the guest room, I’ve been on the lookout for either a completely different fixture — or just a new glass cover.


Then last week when I visited my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore — I found this glass light cover caked in dust on the bottom of a shelf. Yay!


The geometric “starbursty” patterns on all sides of the light and the skinny triangle border looked much more mod — and more in line with my taste in decorating. It was only $3 so I brought it home to try it out.


Once I gave it a bath, it was time to hang it up. I love it!


Next time I go to the hardware store, I’m going to look for a chrome nut to replace the white one that is currently holding the shade on the fixture. Then I’ll be completely satisfied with the transformation. For only spending a few bucks, I feel like I got a whole new light fixture — gotta love the ReStore!



  1. They sell them in the lighting department. They are called finials. They are usually with the replacement pull chains

  2. we have the same kind of shades but they aren’t cool, and two are some ugly Home Depot things that husband put up when originals got broken. I keep hoping to find some old ones to replace these ‘cuz I don’t want to spend a lot on ebay or the flea.

  3. Oh my! That same wheat pattern shade was on the light in my childhood bedroom. I believe it was original to the house, which must have been built in the very early 50s. Not a fave of mine either, but mom wouldn’t spend the money to replace it. Both of the other original bedrooms had the same type fixture, but with different shades. I remember one being a pale blue. And one of my brothers got a cowboy shade on his. Your find is way better than any of those we had!

  4. It looks great. If you can’t find a finial that is the correct size you can always use silver nail polish over the current finial. That way you don’t have to buy an entire can of spray paint.

  5. I had the same wheat motif light fixture in my bedroom growing up. I never could figure out why someone would want that on a light… haha. I wish my ReStore had cool stuff like you find at yours. I feel like I go there all the time and usually leave empty handed. The people who work there probably hate me!

    • Don’t give up on your restore Rebekah, sometimes when I go, there is absolutely nothing that I like — then I don’t write about it — because there is nothing to write about! — it happens to me too.

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