We got a fair amount of snow in the last 24 hours — about 9 inches by my measure. It was blowing around a bit, but was nothing like the blizzard from a few winters ago because the snow was heavy and wet and didn’t move much once it touched the trees, ground or whatever it stuck to. These pictures were taken around noon — and a lot of the snow had blown off the trees by then. When we first let Leo out in the yard, so many of the tree branches were bent all the way to the ground. Jim said he saw Leo pee on the top of a tree branch!


The way the snow is wrapped around the wires — it looks like PVC pipe!


Early this morning the chain link fence around the garden was completely filled in with snow. There was also about 6 inches of snow stacked on the top bar of the fence.


Luckily, we own a snowblower — which we purchased for just such an occasion. The snow had blown right up to the garage door!


Then there is the joy of living on a corner. Thank you Mr. Snow Plow driver for making sure to move all the snow from the intersection in front of the end of our driveway.


It was waist high on me!


Abominable snow husband Jim started clearing the driveway right away, while I shoveled the sidewalk and played with Leo in the yard.


Here’s Jim posing with his handiwork.


It was really good packing snow, so I decided to make Leo a brother — snow dog!


I gave him rocks for his eyes and nose…


That’s your new brother, snow dog.



Uh oh…. something tells me snow dog won’t be long for this yard…







After all of the excitement, Leo was exhausted — so we all went in to warm up.

How much snow did you get in the storm?



  1. None for me…. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt here in Florida. Most of the time that is just fine with me but your snow really looked like a lot fun.

  2. Leo attacking the snow dog is too funny. In all my childhood years living in the midwest I never thought to make a snow dog or anything other than generic snowmen!
    It’s too bad this snow didn’t come for you guys at Christmastime…we are having pretty great weather here but it will soon be too hot and that makes me crabby.

    • yes, I wish we had this snow at Christmas — seems like every year we have either no snow or very little at christmas and we get a snowstorm that dumps on us during February or March (or both).

      I always made “snow sculptures” in the yard growing up. Whatever I could dream up! It is so much fun!

  3. The news reported 12″ here in central Iowa and it was on top of 6″ from last week. It was still snowing when we got that report at 6 PM Wednesday night.

  4. Thanks for the pics, Kate. It is beautiful to look at. But it reminds me of why I was happy to leave Chicagoland for KY!

  5. Dog-antics-in-showdrifts makes me ready to put SoCal in my rearview mirror and truck my canine family to a place that has real weather and lower taxes. Like tammyCA, our hot weather here makes me crankier than normal, and my baseline’s already pretty high. Winter Wonderland, here we come.

    • Leo’s dog antics are so fun to watch. He LOVES snow! I was just telling Jim that I really want to go to San Francisco one of these years…I bet the reason why it is so crowded and costly to live in CA is because of how nice the weather is. I guess the grass is always greener…

  6. I’m in Central Illinois, we got about 4″, but it took a long time to accumulate. A lot of thick, slushy rain came first. It’s pretty, but it would have been so much more welcome if it were Christmas time.

  7. Silly Leo! He’s SO territorial … even with a Snow Dog! 🙂 What a riot! We might get some flakes tomorrow here in TN, which just might shut the whole place down. LOL Quite a change after life in the Snowbelt of PA. Looks like you all (ya’ll) were having fun AFTER shoveling … thank goodness for snowblowers!

    • He is a silly Leo. He just got this funny look on his face, started running in circles and then pounced on snow dog! I’m glad I had the camera…too funny not to share. I wish I would have taken video though, it was HILARIOUS!

  8. Oh geez-too funny-I love your handiwork on the snow dog. But had to laugh at Leo for bringing it down! Our blizzard here in RI brought us 2 feet. But, I’m too old now for any “fun” in the snow. So glad all the rain we’ve had since has washed it away! (Most of it!)

    • Thanks RetroSandie — Leo loved to bring down snow dog. I was ok with it since I didn’t figure it would survive long around Leo’s snow antics!

      2 feet — yikes! Sounds like you got dumped on! I used to live on the east coast and I do remember getting bad storms all winter long where we would get 2-3 feet at a time. Thankfully we’ve really only gotten that a few times since I’ve moved to Wisconsin. 🙂

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