Okay guys, I know — my vintage family furniture collection is getting out of hand. Is there some sort of 12-step program that I can enroll in? But seriously, when you see a chair like this, or a few chairs like this, or a sofa like these just sitting there waiting for the Goodwill truck — isn’t it hard not to adopt all of them? But alas, there is only so much floor space in a house and somewhere a line must be drawn. I promise — no more adopting large pieces of furniture for a while — or at least that’s what I promised my adorable husband Jim.


This chair (actually, there is a twin also waiting to come live with us — shhhh!) — so these chairwere my Great-Grandmother’s as well. They used to live in the same living room with the two cute little retro couches I just wrote about.


You can tell they are related because they have the same frieze fabric as the sofas (sadly the wear is just as bad and they must be recovered at some point) except instead of off-white, they are pink. I wonder who likes pink around here?


The chairs were living in my Grandma’s basement for many years (one is still there waiting for a ride to my house) — and man are they dusty and dirty. I’ve vacuumed the chair several times already, though it didn’t help the chair’s appearance much.vintage-chair-retro

The arms on this chair kinda remind me of the Hans Wegner “papa bear chair.” See the resemblance?

So now I’m on the quest to find upholstery fabric for two chairs like this and two couches. I’m not looking for frieze, but would like something that wears well and is a bright color (orange? green? pink? blue?). Again, I’m not in any sort of hurry — I’ll just have faith that the retro decorating gods will see it fit to deliver me some appropriate fabric. (and then I’ll have to learn how to sew) Fingers crossed!



  1. What a great looking chair…the atomic design and bones are fabulous. Too bad the fabric is sadly deteriorating, but it will still look so modern when you find the right fabric.
    I LOVE pink…but, I love all colors…just can’t live without them (which is why I get annoyed with the ‘greige’ and ‘ghostly everything white’ decor of today).
    I sure wish I had the MCM couches we had growing up…they were baby blue nubby fabric and had built in white formica arms rests for drinks! So handy.

  2. Oh why oh why couldn’t my relatives been less 40’s and more 50’s? So jealous!. When we found our house 2 years ago I called my childhood best friend in a panic hoping she had her parents furniture somewhere. Sigh

  3. I too have the furniture rescue addiction. Even tho I didn’t need them, or have space for them, I HAD to buy two Broyhill SAGA pieces. A glass doored hutch and a credenza/buffet for a total of $85.00 and in near perfect condition. I HAD to buy them…the thought of someone else getting them and painting them made me sick.

  4. I couldn’t say ‘no’ to those chairs either! I love the legs and lines. You are one lucky duck to have received so much cool furniture lately. Plus, it helps that you had grandparents and great-grandparents with such good taste. My grandparents changed-out their furniture frequently, I guess because they could, and it ranged from mid-century to something sort of baroque, none of it matching or particularly my taste. When they passed-away, their house was quickly cleared-out and I never had an opportunity to ask for anything even if I wanted to. I’m glad you’re able to take these in, enjoy them, restore them and remember your family.

  5. What a great chair! I’ve enjoyed seeing all of these inherited pieces, hope you will be able to recover them and enjoy them for many more years. I keep hoping that frieze fabric may some day be made again, but I’m sure since you are taking your time that you’ll find a suitable replacement.

  6. That chair is just adorable! I love it! Too bad the fabric is so bad – I love the pink! Along with the couches, when all cleaned and recovered-you will have such a darling set! Lucky you! And it’s *family*!!!

  7. really cool chair! I wonder if someone (i.e. local upholstery place) could teach you how to redo it for redesigning a logo or something

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