When I got to be a certain age, my parents stopped giving me heart shaped boxes of chocolate and conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day. I know — Valentine’s Day is still about a week away — but this Valentine arrived early. One year (I think I was in college at this point) my Mom decided that for Valentine’s day she was going to send me some fun money with directions to purchase a cute pair of red shoes — which I did. The surprise “shoe money” wasn’t a yearly thing — maybe every third year — but I got quite a few cute pairs of red shoes from Mom for Valentine’s Day over the last 11 years. It has been about three years since the last red shoe envelope arrived in the mail — and Mom and Dad noticed that my old coffee maker was not only too small (4 cup model) but also was starting to give up after many years of service. So when Dad decided to come for an impromptu visit, he brought this year’s Valentine — this pretty red coffee maker.


My parent’s neighbors have this exact red Mr. Coffee pot — and they love it — which gave Mom the idea to swap the red shoe idea for a red coffee pot for Valentine’s Day this year…


…and that is how I ended up with this lovely (much larger–12 cups!) red coffee pot that so nicely coordinates with my red microwave. So far, I’ve used it exactly twice and I have no complaints — it makes a great cup of coffee, has plenty of fancy features and well — it just looks so darn cute. Can a coffee pot be cute?

Thanks Mom and Dad — every morning when I make my coffee, I’ll be reminded of loving parents.


16 thoughts on “WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?

  1. Your parents sound absolutely awesome! That’s a pretty stunning coffee maker too. : ) My Dad usually sends me ten bucks with a note that says, “Go buy yourself some chocolate!” And I do too. : D

    • hehehe yes, they are cool parents, and very thoughtful.

      My best friend sends me chocolate when she knows I’m having a rough time. It is great to have friends and family that know what you need even when you aren’t sure… 🙂

  2. That’s so sweet of your parents! I remember my dad bringing me a big helium filled balloon as a kid held down by a cassette tape. I can’t remember what tape it was, but it is still one of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories.

  3. It really is the little things that make our lives feel full and rich. For me it is an earring holder my son-in-law made. Thanks for sharing the story.

  4. And whaddya know, your new coffee maker’s big, round indicator thingy goes with your new cabinet knob backplates!

    Can one go wrong with red and black appliances?

    What I dig are the cupcake, toaster, and television set sitting atop your microwave! Some dads are pretty cool (and some of them want to make sure there is enough coffee ready when they pop in for a visit!).

    • Hey — the coffee maker’s clock thing does go with the backplates! Good spotting Mike S!

      The cupcake is a box and the toaster and tv are salt and pepper shakers! 🙂

      Yes, my old coffee maker didn’t make very much coffee at one time, we were always waiting around for a new pot to brew. Now we can make one and be done. My parents understand the importance of having enough coffee to start the day! 🙂

  5. That’s so sweet and what a nice surprise! My daddy still sends me a Valentine every year and sometimes he slips in a little money so I can buy myself something “nice”. From your stories and comments, it sounds like you were blessed with really great parents, which makes sense because you seem pretty swell yourself 😉

  6. We JUST upgraded a few months ago from a 4 cup coffee maker to a 12 cup. For the most part the 4 cup worked for us. There are just two of us. But it was a pain when we entertained…Lovin my larger one…Love the red!

    • The four cup model worked for me too, since I only max ever drink that much per day, but the larger one is so much easier to use when there is another coffee drinker in the house (like mom and dad!).

  7. Stuff like this makes me tear up. You are so very, very lucky! I have vintage rattan and Heywood-Wakefield furniture from my great aunt, who never had any children, but we were fond of each other. I am lucky to have it… and the Valentine’s gifts are lovely. Sadly, my memories of parents and grandparents are marred with dysfunction and abuse, and I’ve had to move on without them, breaking the cycle. But I see things like this and think about how I can create this with my own kids now. It’s bittersweet.

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